Winter Skin Care Routine

The frightful, cold, and snowy weather has finally arrived. However, winter has its own charm, but the drop in temperature, cold chilly winds, and lack of moisture in the air can actually cause harm to your skin if not taken care on time. Your skin becomes even more uncomfortable when you move from dry and cold weather outside to hot and dry weather inside. It might react by becoming dry, sensitive, red, and even dehydrated. Dry skin will cause cracks and flakes in your skin and still, the weather will not at all have pity on your skin. Therefore, skin care in winter is very necessary.

Save Your Sensitive Skin in winters

1.    Luke Warm Water

Hot water washes away all the hydration and oils from your skin which are very necessary for a healthy skin in winters. If you do not moisturise your skin right after bathing in hot water, it will develop cracks and flakes.

2.    Moisturise

Moisturiser is a must step in winter skincare routine. It should contain hyaluronic acid and ceramide in order to develop a thick protection layer over your skin. It not only fights dryness but also protects the skin by locking in the moisture.

3.    Stay Hydrated

You must drink lots of water as in winters, the air is drier and it evaporates the water from your body easily which makes your skin dry. However, it is possible that you do not feel thirsty but still, you must drink to stay hydrated.

4.    Sunscreen

Another important part of winter skin care routine is the application of sunscreen. No matter what time of the year you are living in, sunscreen is a must application. The sun always emits UV Rays which are harmful to your unprotected skin. It is a very big myth that in winters, the sun is not harmful. Applying sunscreen will not only protect you from the harmful rays but also keep it hydrated and save your sensitive skin in winters.

5.    Avoid Exfoliating

Exfoliating is for removing the dead cells. However, the time rate for exfoliating varies from person to person and skin to skin, it is important to keep in mind that your skin barrier is already destroyed due to the dry weather and thus, you must reduce the exfoliating rate in order to protect your skin layer.

6.    Cleansing Process

You should rigorously follow your skin care routine which must include washing or cleansing your face twice a day and moisturising after washing. You must never forget to apply sunscreen before going out under the sun and follow good skin care routine in winter.

7.    Hair and Lips Are Equally Important

However, skin is important but you must also give equal importance and care to your lips and scalp as well. Applying a lip balm regularly will keep them hydrated and safe from the dry winds blowing outside. Dandruff can easily appear on the dry scalp. It is necessary to keep your scalp hydrated with oils or serum on a regular basis.


Skin Care in Winters

There are certain things you must avoid in the winter skin care routine in order to protect your skin in winters like avoiding products which make your skin dry and sensitize your skin. Avoid applying absorbing clay masks or using rough facial brushes. You should prefer using BHA exfoliant in order to get rid of flaky skin.