Top 5 Home Remedies for Hair Growth

When natural remedies are handy then why buy expensive products. Nature has more to offer to your hair than technology. Keratin is a protein which is produced in the hair follicles from which our hair strands are formed. Of course, hair loss is a very troublesome problem which even goes on to affect the self-esteem of a person. The various causes of hair loss can be poor nutrition, thyroid imbalance, hormonal issues, PCOS, birth control pills, excessive use of heating and styling products, stress, etc.

Earlier, hair loss used to be a sign of ageing, but with the passage of time, it has now become very common even amongst youngsters due to the hectic lifestyle we follow. Let us look at some of the home remedies for hair growth:

DIY Home Remedies for Hair Growth

1.    Onion Juice

Onion juice is the first thing that pops up on our minds when we think of hair growth home remedy. It is one of the most effective and efficient technique. Onion juice for hair growth is useful as it contains sulphur which increases the collagen production. When collagen production increases in the tissues, hair re-growth becomes fast. You just have to squeeze out the juice of the onion and apply it on your scalp for 15-30 minutes.

2.    Egg Mask

Eggs are a brilliant home remedy for hair growth as they are rich in sulphur, phosphorous, iodine, iron, zinc, and high levels of proteins. All thee contribute to the formation of new hair and fast growth of the previous ones. Just separate the egg white from the yellow part and add one teaspoon of olive oil or mustard oil to the egg white. You can also use lavender oil or grapeseed oil for the same. Apply the paste on your scalp and hair for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

3.    Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is meant for maintaining the pH balance of the scalp and cleaning it properly. The cleansing in itself accelerates the hair growth. All you have to do is make a diluted solution by mixing 75ml vinegar in one litre water and rinse your hair with this water after you are done with shampooing and conditioning your hair. This must be your final rinse after washing your hair as the longer it stays, the more shine it will provide to your hair and boost your hair growth.

4.    Coconut Milk

Rich in potassium, iron and essential fats, coconut milk is a very beneficial DIY home remedy for hair growth. You must prefer squeezing the milk out of coconut rather than buying coconut milk from the market. After that, squeeze half a lemon and 4 drops of lavender oil. Apply the mixture on your scalp for 4-5 hours and then wash it with a mild shampoo. 

5.    Green Tea

Since green tea is super rich in anti-oxidants, it is a perfect home remedy for hair growth. Of course, you must be drinking green tea on a daily basis and throwing away the tea bags after use. How would it be if you get to re-use those tea bags for some hair benefit? Instead of throwing away those tea bags, apply the warm green tea from the used tea bag on your scalp and hair. Keep it for an hour and wash with cool water. This DIY home remedy for hair growth will wash away the bacteria and all the oxidants from your scalp and help in hair growth.

Other Remedies for Hair Growth

Not only external care, what you eat also matters a lot. So, you must have a healthy and protein-rich diet. Moreover, exercising and regular oiling are very important for your hair and scalp. Make sure that you regularly shampoo and condition your hair.