Itchy Forehead – Causes and Remedies

Do you regularly feel itching sensation on your forehead? Of course, you must be worried as you have heard that ‘itching makes things worse’. When you realized about this itching sensation in the first place, you must have thought that your skin has gone dry. You need not worry. Itchy forehead is a problem faced by a lot of people and it does not last long. It will start with a little itch, rise to an irresistible irritation and when the inflammation will calm down, the itch will go away. However, it is not a serious health issue but it must be overlooked on time. Over a period of time, you may notice redness, rashes, dryness, scaling or little red bumps. Chances are that you might feel a bit of temperature as well. Let us learn about some of the causes of an itchy forehead.

 Causes of Itchy Forehead

1.    Allergy

Most of the time, allergy is the reason behind an itchy forehead. They can occur as a result of the season change, or by coming in contact with some residual irritant. Even atopic and chemical dermatitis is very common. Chemical dermatitis is when an individual comes in touch with a chemical or product to which he is allergic. A topic which is also known as eczema is very common amongst children.

2.    Headwear

Headgears include helmet, head scarves, headbands, hats etc. which are generally for covering the head but also cover a part of the forehead. When people wear headgears for a long duration of time, the dirt, heat, and sweat come in constant touch with the skin causing contact dermatitis. Make sure that whatever headgear you wear is cleaned time to time and you remove them at regular intervals to let the air pass by.

3.    Dry Skin

Even dry skin or acne can cause an itchy forehead. You must apply a non-irritating moisturiser always at least twice a day on your dry skin.

4.    Hair and Skin Care Products

Skin care products which you use on a daily basis like moisturiser or sunscreen might not suit your skin sometimes, therefore, you should first learn what will suit your skin the best before using it regularly. Facial creams, hair styling gels or any other cosmetic product should be chosen with full care.

5.    Stress

Stress is a problem which can be reflected anywhere on your skin. Most of the times, your face and neck are the most prone areas for reflecting stress. Even anxiety or psychological disorder can cause rashes or irritation on the forehead.

Remedies for Itchy Forehead

After learning about the causes of an itchy forehead, let us have a look at some of the remedies for itchy forehead:

•    Wash your face with cold water

•    Keep your sanitary separate for personal use

•    Use ice packs to calm down the inflammation

•    Apply non-irritating moisturiser and a gentle face wash

•    Avoid hair care products

•    Use aloe vera gel

•    Avoid headgear for a long duration

•    Do not share your hair combs and other personal items

•    Apply a non-irritating sunscreen before going out.