How To Get Vitamin D Without Going Under The Sun

Well, when I say that our skin requires Vitamin D, your mind will automatically run towards the idea that vitamin D is produced by the body itself in the presence of sunlight. Vitamin D is important because it:

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Regulates immune system
  • Protects against depression
  • Protects against several kinds of cancers
  • Reduces risk of type II diabetes
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Modulates inflammatory responses of the skin
  • Helps in cell growth
  • Reduces inflammation

According to the Institute of Medicine, the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) of vitamin D is 600 International Units. There is a powerful hormone known as calcitriol which is transformed in the body in order to form vitamin D. But, what comes next is, how to get vitamin D without going under the Sun? Unprotected sun exposure can lead to a lot of problems because of which, we often tend to avoid it.

How often is your body exposed under the sun?

As stated previously, people avoid going out under the Sun as they are afraid of sunburn, tanning, and skin cancer. It is always recommended to wear a minimum SPF 30 sunscreen before going out under the Sun. But the next question that arises is does sunscreen affect vitamin D?

Does sunscreen affect vitamin D?

Some studies have revealed that the application of sunscreen reduces the production of Vitamin D to a great extent. Whereas, on the contrary, other studies have revealed that sunscreen does not affect the production of Vitamin D at all. However, the case that does sunscreen affect vitamin D is unclear, it is still recommended to go out in the Sun after applying sunscreen. Going under the Sun for 15 minutes on a daily basis will do no harm but only good to your body.

Best Sources of Vitamin D

We now know that we have an answer to the question, how to get vitamin D without going under the Sun. Let us have a look at some of the best sources of vitamin D.

  1. According to Healthline, vegetarians can have fortified orange juices and mushrooms in order to maintain their balance.
  2. Take regular intake of D-Rich foods like eggs, beef liver, fatty fish like salmon and tuna, milk, cereals, etc.
  3. Take topical vitamin D supplements prescribed by your doctor if you have vitamin D deficiency.
  4. Trick your body by using artificial light. UV lamps are available in the market in different sizes. You can target the light emitted from those lamps towards your skin.
  5. Go out on a cloudy for a while as clouds also contain UV rays which provide vitamin D to the body.


We hope that now that you know how to get vitamin D without going under the Sun, you feel safeguarded and confident about the fact that you will not suffer from any deficiency of vitamin D as long as you take the proper intake of other supplements.