Having long, dark and thick hair is something everyone dreams of. Men and women both love to have thick hair that adds grace and style to their personality. However, it is not very easy to have thick and healthy hair and most people struggle to get it. Some people have thick hair genetically while some are born with thin hair. Having thick hair is actually not hard if you are using the correct products and taking good care of your hair. Keeping a few things in mind can help you have beautiful and thick hair:

Tips To Get Thick Hair

  1. Take care of your diet – Consuming a healthy and balanced diet can help one have healthy hair and beautiful skin. A balanced diet should include enough proteins, carbs, fats and fibers. Also, dieting and going without food for long hours will also lead to hair loss. Balanced and nutritive diet is most important for anyone’s wellbeing. One needs to consume healthy and organic food at regular intervals during the day. Oily and heavy foods should be avoided and junk food consumption should be kept to a minimum level.
  2. Exercising – There are lots of benefits of exercising daily. It helps one stay fit and healthy and also keeps health issues at bay. Also, exercising daily is the best way to keep your hair and skin healthy. Exercising helps opens the pores and on the body and the scalp and this keeps the hair follicles healthy.  Exercising in any way is a great way to keep the skin as well as hair healthy.
  3. Avoid heat styling – Heat styling like using blow dryers, hair straighteners and other such products leads to loss of thickness and health of hair. Regular use of heat styling leads to serious hair damage and irreversible hair loss. Thus, styling using straighteners, dryers and curlers needs to be minimized. 
  4. Stay away from chemical treatments – Chemical hair treatments like hair straightening, rebonding, smoothening and also hair coloring are quite damaging to the hair. In the long run, these cause hair loss and hair thinning. 
  5. Following a hair care regime – Just like we have a skin care regime, we need a hair care regime as well. Following a proper hair care regime will greatly help in maintaining healthy hair. A good hair care regime includes using good quality hair products like hair oil, hair shampoo, conditioner and serum on a regular basis. Using the wrong products will only worsen the hair problems but using the right products will greatly improve hair health. 
  6. Using a serum regularly – While it is good to use a proper hair shampoo and conditioner one must understand that these products remain in contact with the scalp for only a very small period of time. On the other hand a serum is a product that remains in the hair for long periods of time. Thus, having an effective hair serum is a must. A good serum will help your hair in multiple ways. It will help keep the hair tangle free and soft and beautiful as well. If you use a serum like the Re'equil® Hair Fall Control Serum you will get additional benefit of hair fall control and hair strengthening from the serum. 

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