Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Most of the times we prefer going to a salon for getting some treatment for hair growth or we prefer using costly shampoos and conditioners for making our hair shiny and healthy but while living in such an advanced lifestyle, we forget that nature has got a lot of benefits from which we can take help to maintain fast and healthy hair growth. Of course, external care is very important but so is internal.

There are certain vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which, if taken in proper proportion will help you get healthy hair and fast hair growth. However, a lot of patience must be required for a task like growing healthy hair but in the end, the patience is worth it always. Let us have a look at some of the essential vitamins for hair growth:

Vitamins for Fast Hair Growth

1.    Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps in regulating sebum i.e. natural oils and fosters provides proper cell growth. The anti-oxidants present in vitamin A help in moisturizing the scalp and protecting the hair from drying out due to which, hair get a smooth and shiny look. Certain foods which contain vitamin A are milk, spinach, sweet potatoes, mangoes, etc.

2.    Vitamin E

Almonds, fish, peanuts, sunflower seeds, dried herbs, etc. are foods which contain essential vitamins for hair growth. it is an anti-oxidant which helps in repairing the old tissues and building new ones. It also keeps the scalp healthy by promoting blood circulation. Moreover, it makes your hair smooth and lustrous by locking the moisture. All these reasons make vitamin E important for healthy and fast hair growth.

3.    Niacin

Niacin comes under the category of hair growth essentials as it is necessary for the maintenance of healthy and lustrous hair. It belongs to the family of vitamin B. the lack of niacin in the body can lead to brittle and dull or lifeless hair. Tuna, avocados, mushrooms, turkey, and chicken breast are some of the foods rich in niacin.

4.    Vitamin C

Hair dryness and premature greys are most effectively prevented by vitamin C. this is so because vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which is very useful for maintaining hair thickness and hair growth. Not only for hair, but vitamin C has other benefits for the body as well. Foods like lemon, guava, strawberry, and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C.

5.    Vitamin B12

Cell growth and cell division are promoted by vitamin B12 which is an essential vitamin for hair growth. It also helps in preventing hair fall by absorption of iron. Since the deficiency of iron can lead to hair loss, it is important to have vitamin B12 in a good quantity. Moreover, it also promotes fast hair growth. Foods rich in Vitamin B12 are eggs, cheese, yoghurt, milk, whey powder, etc.

6.    Folic Acid

If you are taking vitamins for fast hair growth from any source, it will contain folic acid. However, it particularly belongs to vitamin B9. It prevents hair greying while adding hair volume and moisture to the hair. Since it is difficult to find the natural source of some vitamins, you can look up for B-complex supplements which would be equally appropriate to consume. Wheat grains and cereals also contain folic acid so you should not worry about the carbohydrates it contains.


Hair Growth Essentials

There are 12 vitamins in the vitamin B family and one of them is vitamin B71. Also known as biotin, it helps in repairing the brittle hair and in improving the health and texture of the hair. Not only intake but also the external application of vitamins are good for hair. So you must look forward to using shampoos and conditioners containing the same as hair growth essentials.