Cystic Acne Treatment | Pimple under the Skin

Cystic acne is the most severe acne that one can face. It is caused because the bacteria block the pores which cause inflammation and then infection. 80% of the people between 12 to 30 years of age group face acne problems. Cystic acne is very rare but severe enough to cause emotional distress to a person because of the way it appears. Moreover, it is caused only due to hormonal changes and not as a result of eating greasy foods, chocolates, nuts, or poor hygiene. If you find red, painful, and irritating bumps on your skin, then you have developed cystic acne. However, this painful pimple leaves scars but you must treat it on time. Since this acne is caused due to the pores clogged with bacteria, in case the cyst bursts, the infection caused by the bacteria spreads around, causing more acne and therefore, it is important to know about cystic acne treatment.

Treatment for Cystic Acne

Due to the severity of acne, over-the-counter drugs or medication is not very effective most of the times as they are for mild acne mostly. One must consider going to a specialist who can prescribe some strong medication in order to get rid of cystic acne. But before that, you should try to do the following cystic acne treatments:

1.    Salicylic Acid

If you have cystic acne, it becomes important to get rid of excess oil which is present beneath your skin in order to give way to other products that you apply and also keep it clean so that the bacteria do not enter to cause inflammation. Salicylic acid, in this case, will cleanse gently. Washing your face twice a day is very necessary to keep your skin bacteria-free and avoid the formation of a pimple under the skin.

2.    Icing

It is important to keep your skin cool in order to help your blood vessels constrict. Ice cubes will help you in this case. Wrap the ice cubes in a towel and apply them on the red bumps available on the affected area. Apply it for 10 minutes and then let it rest for another 10 minutes. Meanwhile, you can apply it on the other side. Do this for an hour daily. Please make sure that you wash your face before applying the ice cubes as if you wash your face afterwards, it will warm the skin right away due to which, the effect of icing won’t be as it should be.

3.    Moisturising

If you think that having an oily skin gets you rid of moisturising.. You are wrong! In spite of having oily skin, you must moisturise on a daily basis after cleansing. If you do not moisturise, your skin will become dry and therefore, sebum will be automatically produced to moisturise it. When the sebum is produced, it clogs the pores thus, resulting in a pimple under the skin. Prefer using an oil-free mattifying moisturiser.

4.    Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide kills the acne-causing bacteria which are trapped in the also prevents inflammation. Benzoyl peroxide may also cause irritation so, in order to avoid it, you should first moisturise your face and then apply the ointment. However, if the irritation continues, you must wash it off immediately as it does not suit everyone.


Get Rid of Pimples under the Skin

Apart from the above points for cystic acne treatment, keep in mind and try to follow as well that good sleep and a healthy diet are very necessary. You must never sleep with makeup on your face and regularly change your bed sheets and pillow covers as well. Of course, not to forget the most important point- remain stress-free!