All about Skin pH Balance | How to Balance pH Level

Haven’t you often heard or read that a so and so product manages the skin pH balance? pH which stands for Potential Hydrogen is a way to determine the alkaline-acid ratio which ranges from 0 to 14. People often say that so and so product makes my skin healthy, beautiful and glowing. Of course, you want your skin to look the best as it plays a very important role in your personality.

What is the ideal pH?

The perfect skin pH balance is 5.5 which is slightly acidic in nature. It is fine even if it varies between 4.8 to 6. When the skin has 5.5 pH balance, which is the ideal skin pH, it is able to maintain a strong barrier which protects the skin against bacteria and does not let the natural oils wash away. If you use products which are highly alkaline in nature, your skin becomes sensitive to microorganisms and irritants. Any imbalance in the pH balance causes disruption in the ecosystem of the skin leading to irritation and inflammation. If the pH level of the skin increases, it can cause:

•    Acne

•    Eczema

•    Ichthyosis Vulgaris

•    Athlete’s foot

•    Candidal intertrigo

If you notice redness, dry patches, excessive oiliness, acne, eczema or even any signs of ageing, you must be alert at once and take some action to make your pH levels balanced again.

Who is responsible for balancing pH levels?

The skin pH balance can be affected by anything like:

•    The Food You Eat

Your diet plays a very important role in balancing your skin pH levels. Excess of caffeine, acids, alcohol, yeast, sugar and even acidic food will affect your skin. Therefore, you must eat everything in control.

•    The Skin Care Products You Use

Every product contains a different set of ingredients which affects the skin in a different manner. It is, therefore, very necessary to know the products that you are choosing in order to maintain the ideal skin pH.

•    Repetitive Face Wash

The more you wash your face, the drier it becomes. Washing face twice a day is enough. If your face becomes excessively oily or excessively dry, then it means that your pH balance is not accurate.

•    Excessive sun exposure

The acid mantle of your skin is damaged when the unprotected skin is overexposed under the harmful UV rays of the Sun. When your skin becomes more alkaline, it becomes prone to pigmentation, acne, dullness, and other such problems.

•    Ageing

As you grow old, wrinkles and fine lines start appearing on your skin due to the excess alkaline nature of your skin.


How to Balance Ph Level

To know how to balance pH level, follow the following steps:

•    Apply good moisturizers

•    Protect yourself from the Sun

•    Have a healthy diet

•    Say goodbye to soaps

•    Make a careful choice of acids