Witch Hazel for Skin- Good or Bad?

The Latin name of witch hazel is Hamamelis virginiana. It is a plant found abundantly in North America and Asia. Since the plant is known for its healing properties, it is used for clearing acne by using the extracts from the bark leaves and twigs of the eponymous tree. It is not only good for curing acne but also for reducing swelling, redness, and maintaining a healthy skin.

Just like the law of life, everything has a positive and negative side, so does witch hazel. Read further to have a look at what has more power, the positive or the negative.


Witch Hazel for Skin

1.    It is suitable for sensitive skin mostly because of its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant qualities. Its gentle nature containing polyphenol and tannins makes it act as a sebum regulator.

2.    Tannins compress the proteins in the skin and degrease it which minimizes the look of large pores on face.

3.    In case of irritation is not cause, the astringent properties of witch hazel help in clearing acne and blemishes by drying them up.

4.    However, witch hazel can never be considered as a replacement for benzoyl peroxide, its anti-acne properties help in keeping the skin bacteria-free.

5.    The soothing properties of witch hazel for skin can reduce the puffiness under your eyes which occurs due to fluid retention.

6.    The calm components and anti-oxidants present in witch hazel are helpful in reducing bruises, diaper rashes, bug bites, insect stings, etc.

7.    The astringent present in witch hazel helps to tighten the skin which reduces the wrinkles, fine lines, and the large pores on face present on the skin.

8.    Not only the skin, but witch hazel also helps to keep your hair oil-free and protects them from fungal scalp infections by lowering dandruff. It helps in eradicating the redness, irritation and sensitivity issues from the scalp.

9.    Apart from curing the puffy eyes, witch hazel for skin also helps in curing dark circles.

10.    The presence of polyphenols in witch hazel acts as an anti-aging agent as well and protects your skin from diseases and DNA damage.

11.    Protects you from the Sun and cures sunburn. It heals the area burnt if you apply it on the infected area with a cotton pad.

Natural Toner for Oily Skin

It is very well clear that witch hazel for skin is helpful in so many ways as compared to the drawback that some people feel about it. Undoubtedly, every kind of extract has a different effect depending on the type of skin. Moreover, it also protects the skin from allergic reactions and varicose veins. Reduces excess sweating, prevents ingrown hair, and treats eczema. It also protects your mouth, lips, and gums through speedy healing. It also soothes chicken pox and treats cold sores, removes blackheads and acts as a deodorant. Witch hazel extract is mostly available in natural toners for oily skin so you can look for it there. 

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