What is the Importance Of Using A Moisturiser

With a busy lifestyle and the constant batter about how to take care of your skin, what to do, what not to do and so on; it is easy to feel blasé about some very basic steps and skin care regimes like something as simple as applying moisturiser. Many people do not understand the importance of moisturiser and the kind of effects that the lack of it will have on the skin. Below are a few things that might happen if you do not apply a moisturiser regularly.

Effects Of Not Using A Moisturiser

1.Skin will age early :

      Everyone wants to look younger than their real age. Men and women both try as much as possible to look younger throughout their lives. People want to defy age and look less than their years by applying makeup, getting surgeries and so on. Treatments like skin lifting and Botox have become popular only so people get to look younger and achieve longer youth. However many do not remember that skipping moisturiser is what is going to make the skin age quickly. If one applies moisturiser regularly, skin aging will happen slowly and the need to cover aged skin with makeup and artificial remedies will never arise. So, it is pertinent to moisturise the skin well using a good moisturiser and slow the process of ageing.

2. Layer of protection is compromised :

      A good moisturiser provides a good layer of protection to your skin. Skipping the moisturiser means you do not have a layer of protection between the environment and your skin. Thus the skin is directly exposed to all the ill effects of harsh sun, pollution and other impurities in the environment. Applying a good moisturiser will keep the skin safe and healthy too. 

3. Makeup will look patchy and flawed :

      Have you ever wondered how some people achieve the beautiful flawless look with their makeup but some just get a patchy and dry look? The reason behind improper makeup is moisturization. Skin that is properly moisturised is prepped for the makeup and hence the makeup looks good and natural on such skin however if makeup is applied on skin that is not moisturised, it results in a very patchy and dirty look.

4. Dryness attacks will be severe :

      If the skin is moisturised, it is safe from dryness but if the skin is not moisturised then dryness can attack your skin and make it dry, flakey and even itchy. Even if you have oily skin and feel that you don’t need moisturiser, you must keep in mind that even oily skin can get dry sometimes due to the weather and other hormonal changes. In such situations the only rescue is a good moisturiser.

5. Complexion might appear dark :

      With the lack of proper moisturization, the complexion of the face might look darker as dryness tends to give a dark tone to the skin. So, in order to look natural and avoid unnecessarily dull complexion, using a proper moisturiser is must. 

6. Pores might get blocked :

    If your skin is dry and dull, the pores on the skin might end up getting blocked and making the skin feel stretchy and uncomfortable. This also leads to other skin issues like flaky and itchy skin that feels rough to the touch.

Myths About Using A Moisturiser On Oily Skin

If you have oily skin you might be skeptical about applying a moisturiser, you might be wondering about how to moisturise oily, acne prone skin? The truth is that even oily skin needs to be moisturised. If you are still unsure if moisturiser is good for acne prone skin then the answer to all your questions is the Re’equil Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturiser. This superb moisturiser is great for oily skin and skin that is prone to acne. You can use this daily to not only control the oily skin but also to protect, enhance and beautify your skin. 

By not using moisturiser on oily skin or normal skin one is inviting a lot of skin troubles like early ageing, wrinkles and skin damage that results from unprotected skin and so on. Makeup also does not look great on skin that has not been moisturised. Skipping a moisturizer only has ill effects on the skin whether the skin is dry, oily or normal. Whatever the skin type is, applying a layer of moisturiser is a must and something that must not be missed. Using a quality moisturiser like Re’equil Oil-Free Mattifying Moisturiser helps keep the skin healthy and well moisturised.

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