guarantee to control hair fall

Guarantee To Control Hair Fall

 Do you feel agitated to ask hair fall related questions? Alas, hair loss is a real thing and you should not be embarrassed to confront it. Undeniably, hairs are a significant part of your exterior personality. Head full of luscious hair adds compelling attractiveness and charm to your looks. On the contrary, seeing uncontrollable hair loss or receding hairline is the worst loss that hurts you every moment. We understand what you have been through. So, we are here to ease your pain and discomfort caused by impending hair loss.  Thankfully, there is a solution to your problem. Hair loss associated with an underlying medical association, lack of vitamins, minerals can be reversed in most of the cases. A research study of 2016 has also demonstrated the efficacy of topical agents like Aminexil and B Vitamins in reducing hair loss and nourishing the hair roots.


What is hair loss?

The other names of hair loss are baldness or alopecia. Hair loss generally starts from the centre and the hairline keeps on receding with time if not controlled.  Everyone loses a certain amount of hair, (approximately 50 strands) on a daily basis but they go unnoticed. It is a natural phenomenon.  However, the situation is worrisome if too many hairs are visible on your pillow, bed, floor shower drain, and hairbrush. 

Stages of the hair growth cycle:

Anagen Phase: This is the growth phase in which hair grows approximately 1cm per month. This time duration lasts from two to six years however, it also depends on genetics.

Catagen Phase: Also known as the transitional phase, the hair comes out of the papilla during this stage and the strands are cut off from the nourishing blood supply.

Telogen Phase: This is the resting phase or the shedding phase. The epidermal cell lining covers the follicle, helping the hair to remain strong. There will come a time when the follicle will grow again from the roots and this will make the hair break from the root. New hair will come in its place after two weeks.

Topical Treatment for Hair Regrowth

An unexpected rise in the incidences of mild hair thinning to total baldness has raised a serious concern to find a viable solution to restore the hair loss. After the numerous experimental studies and clinical trials, topical use of cosmeceutical product is found very effective to promote hair growth.

  • Indian Cress 
  • Water Cress extracts 
  •  Biotin (B7)
  • Aesculus hippocastanum Seed Extract
  • Aminexil

    topical treatment for hair regrowth

    1. Indian Cress 

    Tropaeolum majus is the Latin name for Indian Cress. This lesser-known perennial herb has gained huge attention after discovering its hair growth benefits. It is enriched with powerful antioxidants and flavonoids which help to prolong the hair growth cycle.  It is also widely used in hair fall control shampoos to boost hair growth and curb hair fall.

    2. Water cress extract

    Nasturtium officinale is the Latin name for Water Cress extracts. It is another wonder ingredient that supports healthy scalp and hair health. It has been stated that the antibacterial action of zinc and sulfur contents in water cress helps to prevent scalp infections which deteriorate the hair structure. Besides, it also contains a vast array of nutrients that help to boost hair health.

    3. Biotin (B7)

    A research study published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology  has identified biotin deficiency as a significant cause of alopecia. In another clinical randomized trial, supplementation with biotin has significantly helped to improve hair growth.  Along with the consumption of foods which are a good source of Biotin, the use of Biotin based hair growth serum is also quite beneficial to increase the hair density.



    4. Aesculus hippocastanum Seed Extract

    It is commonly called Horse Chestnuts. Owing to its remarkable hair growth-promoting properties, Aesculus hippocastanum Seed Extract is used in many anti-hair fall formulations. One research study has suggested that it helps to improve the blood circulations in the scalp area, which ultimately leads to nourished and healthy hair.

    5. Aminexil

    Topical products containing Aminexil have been found effective to treat hair loss, hair thinning, and baldness. Aminexil is known to strengthen the hair shaft and increase hair density in people who are in the early stages of androgenic alopecia.  


    Topical Treatment for Hair Regrowth

    Just as hair loss is a gradual process, so is hair regrowth. Regrowth of hair also depends on the extent of thinning that has already taken place. Every hair has a life cycle of resting, growing, and shedding. It takes 4-6 months of the transition period from the resting stage to the growth stage. So, be ardent in spirit during your hair loss treatment. 


    Many research studies have identified the harsh ingredients as a possible cause of hair loss. It is imperative to check the ingredients lists while buying your hair care products. Strong lathering agents like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in your hair shampoo make your hair rough, dehydrated, and breakage-prone by stripping away natural oils and hair protein. 

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