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Topical Medications for Hair and Skin

A topical medication is a type of medication that is applied directly to a particular area of skin. Ointments, creams, and solutions are examples of topical medications. The major advantage of taking topical treatments over pills is that you don’t have to swallow them which ultimately reduce the risk of unwanted effects. Most of our skin related problems like acne, pigmentation, scars or other such issues may result from some kind of deficiency or from the type of food we eat. However, there is a misconception that the prime cure for such problems is indigestion of pills. We need to brush up our concepts a little when it comes to skin health, skin diseases, and hair problems. There is no guarantee that the oral intake of ingredients will always give you the desired results. Statistically, the side effects of oral medications can be more severe such as stomach upset, dizziness or lightheadedness.

The primary advantage of topical medications is that they are usually the least invasive option because you don't ingest them.

Topical medication - Safest Solution for Everyday Grooming

For over a few years now, cosmeceuticals have been a much-talked thing in the cosmetic industry. ( This has revolutionized the skincare sector with the use of bioactive ingredients in cosmetic formulations. Apparently, cosmeceuticals serve as a bridge between pharmaceuticals and personal care products as they render both medicinal and cosmetic benefits.

The wide range of skin care products which come under this category includes lotions, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, sunscreens, creams, and gels. Use of such topical medications benefits skin and hair health in multiple ways such as prevent skin pigmentation, acne and wrinkles, and also supports healthy scalp and hair health.

Role of Topical Treatments for Different Skin Conditions

Topical treatments can do wonders when it comes to skin protection since they offer medicinal benefits that help in the enhancement of the biological functioning of the skin cells. In addition,   cosmeceuticals also offer best hair loss treatments that encourage collagen growth, combat the harmful effects of free radicals, and keep the keratin structure intact, which result in healthier looking hair.

The cosmetic industry has been one of the most flourishing industries in the world because ultimately all of us want to age gracefully in spite of our gender. Over the years our environment has also changed drastically, the elevated levels of pollutants and harsh elements have induced premature skin ageing. Some of the most common skin problems recurring nowadays are acne, pigmentation i.e. uneven skin tone, premature ageing, sunburns, etc. Latest, epidemiological studies have discovered that adopting a good skin care routine can slow down premature ageing. A good skin care routine includes:

  • Cleansing with a mild and gentle face wash twice a day.
  • Cleaning face with a toner after face wash.
  • Moisturizing with a non-comedogenic moisturizer.
  • Applying minimum SPF 30 sunscreen before going out.

Let’s see how topical treatment helps in resolving various skin conditions.

1. Reduces acne and pimples       

Some topical medications contain high-quality ingredients like Zinc PCA, Witch Hazel, Bulbine Frutescens Leaf Juice, Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract, and Olea Europaea Leaf Extract (Olive) that help to prevent acne and pimples. These ingredients work effectively against acne and breakouts (pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads) and offer clear and smooth skin in just a few days.

2. Prevents skin dullness and dryness       

Skin care products can effectively hydrate your skin to save it from drying out and chapping. The better hydrated your skin stays, the healthier and youthful it will stay in the long run.  Ingredients like Cydonia oblonga leaf extract deeply hydrates your skin and even create an invisible barrier to keep moisture in.

3. Anti – pigmentation effect

Likewise, some topical medications contain a high concentration of vitamin C (duh) as an active ingredient, mainly in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid (LAA) which plays an important role in combating dark spots. Vitamin C interferes with the functions of the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps to prevent melanin production and lightens the pigmentation.  Moreover, applying a decent concentration of Vitamin C on a regular basis offers endless benefits such as protection against sunburn, improved collagen production, and enhanced skin tone. The antioxidants present in Vitamin C nourish deeper layers of skin and also protect it from free radical damage.

4. Protection from sunburn and sun damage

Topical treatments have reduced the rates of cosmetic surgeries. External application of skin protecting creams can shield your skin from natural elements like UV radiation and even pollution. Ingredients like Pterocarpus marsupium extract protect the skin so it can stay healthy and vibrant for years to come.

5. Minimizes pores

Some personal care formulations contain aloe vera juice and citric acid that stimulate cell growth and collagen production. These ingredients soften and soothe the skin along with the wonderful pores minimizing effects.

Hair Cosmeceuticals - Best Hair Loss Treatments

The Hair is that aspect of the body over which humans have direct control. It is one feature which we can modify according to our will. By altering the length, colour or style, we can totally change the way we look. Hair is an important part of our style statement and personality. Hair care techniques and procedures were reported to be prevalent in ancient times.  

One of the first hair cosmetic procedures were done using mud in ancient Egypt. While in ancient Greece and Rome, many topical medications such as tonics and ointments were used and recommended as best hair loss treatments. Moreover, they also developed various remedies for many scalp diseases. Henri de Mondeville was the pioneer to first understand the difference between therapies intended to treat disease and cosmetics for the purpose of beautification.

Hair science and hair care technology have taken a leap towards innovation and development of best hair care cosmetics. In early times, shampooing was the most frequently used hair care cosmetic procedure. Use of this viscous liquid was the first step for resolving hair and scalp problems. However, this hair cosmetic product not only serves as purifying cleanser but also plays an integral role in maintaining the health of hair and scalp. Currently, topical treatments have made innovations in such a way where uses of shampoo are associated with resolving several hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, damaged hair, or anything else related to the superficial condition of the scalp.

Regarding the recent development in hair cosmetic industry, conditioners and serums are the new additions. These hair cosmeceutical products are intended to impart softness and gloss, to reduce flyaway and to enhance the disentangling facility.

However, the cosmeceutical products which are applied topically are considered to be very effective, it is important to use non-comedogenic and dermatologically tested products which are free from silicones, sulphates, and parabens.

Two most common hair problems nowadays are hair fall and dandruff. A lot of people are suffering from hair fall at a very tender age, mostly in their teens. The factors responsible for this can include stress, polluted environment, hormonal changes etc. In order to avoid these problems, one must follow rigorously a healthy hair care routine which is:

1. To control hair fall:

  • Wash your hair with Re’equil Hair Fall Control Shampoo twice or thrice a week.
  • Condition them with Murumuru Damage Repair Conditioner.
  • Apply Hair Fall Control Serum on the roots.

2. To get rid of dandruff:

  • Apply Pre Wash Anti-Recurrence Dandruff Lotion minimum 90 minutes before washing your hair.

(Note: Only use the above in case you have severe dandruff.)

  • Wash your hair with Re’equil Dandruff Control Shampoo.

This way, topical medications help in resolving various hair conditions and provide the best hair loss treatments. These hair care cosmetic compositions are aimed at modifying specific problems relating to the superficial scalp without causing any harm and are, therefore, safe and effective to use. The current lifestyle ideology pays attention to combining cosmetics and medicines for better results. That is why the global trend in the cosmetic industry is towards developing ‘medicinally’ active cosmetics. The trend in the pharmaceutical industry is to develop ‘cosmetically’ oriented medicinal products.

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