How to Choose The Right Hair Mask for Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair

Hair Mask For Your Hair Type How to Choose The Right Hair Mask for Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair

How to Choose The Right Hair Mask for Dry, Frizzy and Damaged Hair

Heading out for a wedding?

Gorgeous outfit

Perfect heels

Right makeup


While the couple in question has taken the plunge, your relationship with your hair certainly doesn’t seem to be getting its ‘happily ever after'.

Choose Hair Mask for Hair is as fragile as any marriage. If you don’t hear the warning signs and work towards salvaging it, unruly hair can lead to split ends. Moreover, when you put pressure on the hair in the form of hair straightening, hair smoothening, hair curling, colouring, and styling—it can just break (quite literally). Applying continuous hair colour can also cause raised cuticles, which deposit the colour within the cortex of the hair. Hence, you need to have a healthy hair care routine that can improve hair texture and give you voluminous and healthy hair. Before diving deep, let’s know more about hair masks.

What is a hair mask?
benefits of using hair mask

While you wear a mask to avoid falling sick due to excessive pollution, what about the hair? Your hair can fall sick too. Only the best mask can infuse life into it, but to get something that’s the best, you need to do something a little extra. Hair masks give your hair that something extra. They offer the right hair care by helping you salvage your hair and give it deep nourishment. Hence, people opt for a hair mask that’s a deep conditioning treatment to treat lifeless, dull, and damaged hair. Hair masks include natural oils and lipids in more concentrations than the normal one to treat your hair.

Who needs a hair mask treatment?who needs a hair mask

Your hair is the perfect reminder of the fact that you can’t control everything in your life. Hence, you have hair masks to make your hair manageable. But if you think that hair masks are suitable for everyone, then you’re in for a surprise, because that’s a myth. According to hair specialists, people with frizzy, dry, and dull hair should opt for hair masks. So, it’s time to let the frizz out of your hair (because, let’s face it, frizz only looks good on cute pets). Applying the right hair mask can strengthen your hair strands, offer moisture to dehydrated hair and repair frizzy hair. At times, you can opt for hair masks when you wish to add more volume to your hair.

How often should you treat your hair with a hair mask?

Applying a hair mask can depend on multiple factors, but if you ask us, one of the main factors should be your mood. Putting on a hair mask when you feel like pulling out your hair does not seem like a great idea, does it? Apart from this, other factors include—what issues your hair has, why your hair require deep conditioning, how is the volume of your hair, what’s your hair type, etc. Although treating your hair to weekly hair masks sounds good, you can increase the usage of hair masks depending on the smoothness of your hair, condition of the hair, texture, and hair care products that you use on a daily basis.

What are the crucial tips that you need to know before applying hair masks?

Taming is a very serious business—ask those people who need to tame their hair on a daily basis and bring it back to normal. But don’t give up on your hair. While hair masks can be the best alternative for soft, smooth, silky, and shiny hair, how clear are you about the usage of hair masks? Get important questions answered pertaining to hair masks and don’t forget to make it a healthy hair care routine.

1. Are all hair masks available in the market the same?

Before we answer this question in detail, here’s a question to rattle your minds. Can a person wearing 7 shoe size wear a 4? Are all the shirt sizes at a store the same? They aren’t, right? Similarly, some masks can be used on a daily basis, whereas others should only be used once or twice a week. You can leave some hair masks for more than 15 minutes, whereas others need to be left for only a minute or so. Select a hair mask that fits your daily routine.

2. How often should you use hair masks that can improve hair texture?

When you have strong hair, you may wonder why your hair requires deep conditioning. But even healthy hair needs a good hair mask treatment because the extreme weather conditions can leave your hair high and dry. It’s better to use a hydrating mask for dry damaged hair and a solution for smoothening hair.

3. What is the best way to apply a hair mask effectively?

Just like each finger on your hand is different from the other, a hair mask is no different. While the ingredients in a hair mask are strikingly different from each other, their application also varies. According to us, the best way to apply a hair mask is to take the necessary amount of the hair mask into your palm. Apply it on your hair, working from the roots to cover your hair length. Once you leave the mask on for 15-20 mins, rinse off the mask with a mild shampoo.

4. Why is it vital to spread the hair mask by combing it evenly?

While others are on the quest to spread rumours, positivity and love, all you need to do is spread your hair mask evenly. It isn’t too much to ask for, is it? Ensure that you comb your masked hair with a wide-toothed comb. Comb the mask in a way that it reaches every little part of your hair before it settles.

5. How can shampooing and conditioning help hair after masking?

A hair mask is the best treatment for dry and frizzy hair but it’s always better to shampoo and condition your hair once your hair mask is set. But ensure that you shampoo and condition your hair in a way that there’s no mask leftover in your hair.


Are you aware of the best hair mask for damaged hair?

Just like every individual is different from the other in terms of personality, tastes,behaviour, etc.—hair is no different. Every hair varies from the other; while some may be frizzy and dry, others maybe damaged and brittle. Firstly, you need to understand your hair type and then pick the best alternative for smooth, silky, and shiny hair.



  • Dry and damaged hair :

    When your hair starts feeling brittle and dry, it means that your hair lacks the right moisture and you need good hair conditioning to keep your hair silky and smooth.
  • Curly hair :

    People with curly hair suffer from issues such as frizzy hair, unruly hair, and breakout.Your hair needs the right hydration to retain the natural curls and make your hair bouncy and soft.
  • Itchy scalp :

    Itchy scalp can make your hair feel unhealthy and full of flakes. You need to apply the right mask filled with nourishing oils to say goodbye to flakes.
  • Fine hair:

    If you think that only thick hair needs a good hair mask, then think again. For fine hair, you need a hair mask that gives your hair shine, texture, and volume.
  • Brittle hair:

    When your hair is brittle and prone to breakage, you need loads of protein for your hair. Get a protein-enriched hair mask to increase hair growth.

 Which are the best ingredients that you must look for in a hair mask?

  • Pea protein: A plant-based protein, pea protein adds shine to your hair and strengthens it from the roots. Using a hair mask containing pea protein can give the much-needed volume to your hair. Your hair breakage is lessened and your hair feels hydrated by using a pea protein hair mask.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids: When your hair mask includes omega 3 fatty acids, you can confidently step out in the sun as omega 3 fatty acids protect your hair against dust and pollution. Omega 3 fatty acids decrease hair loss and hair fall, as well as boosts hair growth.
  • Ceramides: Ceramides are the lipids, found in the outermost layer called cuticle. The role of ceramides is to protect and strength the hair shaft. They help to keep your hair follicles flattened and also keep your hair intact. You can manage tangles, decrease hair damage, and restore the balance needed to get healthier hair. Curly hair is drier than straight hair. What’s more is that curly hair can also be unruly at times. You need a hair mask that’s rich with pea protein, ceramides, and omega 3 fatty acids that retain the curls and can be the right solution for smoothening hair.


It’s true what they say—if your hair looks good, you can deal with anything. A perfect hair day can make you feel amazing; but just like life, your hair can’t be perfect all the time. This is where a good hair mask can help you take care of your dry, damaged, unruly, brittle hair. Ensure that you choose the right hair mask for your hair type and you’ll soon realise that good hair speaks louder than words.

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