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With the increase in awareness, sunscreen has become an important part of our daily skin care routine. However, we all know that sunscreen is important, there are still certain myths which must be clarified. There are a lot of people who believe that tanning is healthy and vital but they are unaware of the dangers that come along with it. Let us have a look at some of the myths about sunscreens:

Sunscreen Myths Busted

1.    Dark-Skinned People Do Not Need Sunscreen

As a matter of fact, dark-skinned people have more melanin content in their body. Melanin is not only responsible for determining the skin color but it also protects the skin from sunburn by diffusing the UVB rays. However, melanin can protect your skin from UVB rays but it cannot act as a barrier against UVA damage which can result in premature ageing and wrinkles. Therefore, it is equally important for dark-skinned people to apply sunscreen regularly.

2.    Makeup Alone Can Protect the Face

It is however true that makeup protects your skin from the sun but the protection cannot equal that offered by a sunscreen. Makeup should definitely be considered a layer of protection but not the ultimate layer. The additional layer must be provided by applying sunscreen.

3.    All Sunscreens Are the Same

It is a very big misconception or sunscreen myth that all the sunscreens are the same. They, of course, vary in SPF which must be applied according to the intensity of sun exposure. Sunscreen is important in order to protect yourself from premature ageing and wrinkles by preventing the damage caused by the vast range of UV light. Even the ingredients in the sunscreen play a very important role in protecting. You must make sure that your sunscreen is oxybenzone-free and OMC-free.

4.    Sunscreens Last All Day

People think that just one application once in a day is enough to lend a protection layer to your skin throughout the day. But, unfortunately, this is not the case. The sunscreen you use will last maximum up to 6 hours after which you will have to reapply it on your skin as the previous application will break down in the light and fail to protect your skin. Therefore, it is a myth about sunscreen that they last all day.

5.    You Are Not In Danger of Tanning

No doubt that sunscreen assures you to protect you from sun damage but this does not mean that if you have applied sunscreen when your skin has no chance of getting tanned even if you have applied it multiple times a day. Even though sunscreen protects you from most of the rays, some will still reach the skin which will cause the damage. In such cases, you should cover your body parts with a hat or some cloth. Therefore, it is a sunscreen myth that you are not in danger of tanning even if you apply sunscreen.

6.    Sunscreen Can Cause Health Problems

It is believed that sunscreen can cause various health problems related to the skin but this is a misconception. As long as you are aware that the active ingredients in the sunscreen you use are not harmful, your skin is absolutely safe. Of course, you must avoid sunscreens which have oxybenzone and OMC as ingredients, especially active ingredients in them as they are very much responsible for damaging the skin.

Sunscreen Myths

Some of the other myths about sunscreens are:

  • Sunscreen is not always necessary
  • Sunscreens will prevent the body from absorbing vitamin D
  • Sunscreen is waterproof

You must always read ‘How to Use’ mentioned on the instructions as every sunscreen has a different way of being applied. We hope that all your sunscreen myths are busted.

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