Benefits Of Murumuru Butter For Hair: Curly Hair Care

Benefits Of Murumuru Butter For Hair: Curly Hair Care Benefits Of Murumuru Butter For Hair: Curly Hair Care

Benefits Of Murumuru Butter For Hair: Curly Hair Care

Perfect winged liner, fantastic glossy lip color, blusher on cheeks, and prettiest outfits. One thing is still missing i.e. your hairstyle. Undeniably, you need a hairstyle to enhance your look. On the other hand, your situation is completely different from others. Being born with curly frizzy hair is an added struggle to life. When others are busy finding the new and different hairstyles, in the meantime you just want to fix your messy, unmanageable, and frizzy hair.  Reading the inspirational quotes like “embrace the glorious mess you are” might have not worked for you many times. However, deep down you feel desperate to attain hassle free hair.  This is something that we can relate to each other.

No one is born with damaged hair. Most of the time, the rough, dry, and frizzy hair are caused due to over-usage of heat-inducing styling equipments, deficiency of essential vitamins, as well as using wrong shampoo and conditioners.  Cheer up; it is possible to reverse hair damage, which you have caused knowingly or unknowingly. 

 According to hair care experts, conditioning is an important step to be inculcated in your hair care regimen. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley explains that harsh chemical ingredients remove the oils from the scalp. To replenish the oils, it is vital to use hair conditioners, which have moisturizing properties.

Recent research studies have discovered a natural ingredient “murumuru butter” which infuses hydration and moisture to the deepest layers of hair. It is not less than a wonder ingredient for curly hair girls owing to its high vitamin A & C content, which reinforces hair elasticity, and restores the health of hair to look best in their original state. 


Where does this murumuru butter come from?

Murumuru is a palm with edible fruits that flourishes in Amazon Rainforests of Brazil. The seeds of this plant contain murumuru butter, a creamy solid with incredible emollient properties. Due to its naturally occurring fatty acids such as oleic acid, lauric, and myristic, it is used in the formulation of several skin and hair care products. 



  1. Nourishes hair

  2. Seals moisture

  3. Restores hair elasticity

  4. Penetrates into hair cuticle 

  5.  Non - comedogenic nature

  6.  Lightweight and non-greasy

What are the benefits of murumuru butter for hair?

1. Nourishes hair

Being a good source of vitamins and minerals, murumuru butter offers deep nourishment to each strand of hair and scalp as well. The vitamins and high content of oleic acid make it more beneficial for hair care as they form a rich lather, eliminate frizz, and repair split ends at a rapid rate.  Moreover, the oils present in the butter help to provide relief in dry, itchy, and flaky scalp.

2. Seals moisture

In curly hair, moisture does not reach the hair shaft due to the compact structure of the cuticle.  Hence, murumuru butter promotes the penetration of moisture in the hair cuticles. Its powerful moisturizing properties lock the moisture in your hair strands, which subsequently make them grow shinier, softer, and healthier. It is considered a perfect hair butter for curly hair

3. Restores hair elasticity

Murumuru butter helps hair to regain elasticity by moisturizing them deeply. It improves hair flexibility and strength, along with protection from environmental damage. Moreover, it’s anti-oxidative, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties work effectively to save hair from breakage.

4. Penetrates into hair cuticle

Hair is made up of three layers, namely medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The cuticle protects your hair but once the damage starts and reaches the medulla, your hair starts looking dull, brittle, rough, and dry. Murumuru butter for hair has the ability to go deep inside the hair cuticle for proper nourishment. A high concentration of saturated fats and monounsaturated fats in murumuru makes it an effective natural treatment to repair damaged hair. 

5. Non comedogenic nature

Murumuru butter is non - comedogenic in nature which means it does not clog pores. Hence, it is right hair care for people having acne-prone skin. To add this, the anti-microbial properties of lauric acid in murumuru butter help to protect you from acne breakouts.

6. Lightweight and non-greasy

Another benefit of murumuru butter is that it is very lightweight and non-greasy. It will not leave behind any residue. It also gives you smooth and shiny tresses.

Wondering how to use murumuru butter for hair?

It is usually applied as a post shampoo hair care remedy on wet hair for best results. Regular application of murumuru butter on hair helps to repair dry and damaged hair along with adding a natural shine to hair strands. If you are looking for something that can help your hair look best in their original form, then murumuru based hair conditioners are a good option.

The golden rule of hair care: Keep your locks hydrated and moisturized 

benefits of murumuru butter for hair

You need to understand how important it is to keep your hair moisturized. Harsh chemical ingredients, weather conditions, and other extrinsic factors are held liable for making your hair dry, rough, lifeless. Unfortunately, dehydrated hair is the beginning of serious hair damage i. e. hair thinning and hair loss. Deep hair conditioning is not intended to make your hair curly-free, but it also helps restore hair elasticity.  

If you are committed to ultimate hair goals, then you should use opt for hair care ingredients that can do more good and less harm. In this quest, what else could be better than natural hair care ingredients? Recent searches have identified an exotic hair butter “murumuru” which has remarkable hair conditioning properties. This natural hair butter helps to offer the optimum hydration to your hair strands and repairs the splits ends, dry, and brittle hair. It is also a wonderful ingredient for the curly hair’s grooming.  Nurture your hair with a murumuru based hair conditioner for bringing the life back to your damaged tresses. You are just one-step away from attaining healthy, shiny, and voluminous tresses. 


 P. S.

In the market, a wide range of hair care products is available that claim to provide the shiny and soft texture to your hair immediately. Silicone is one of the prevalent ingredients used in hair cosmetics. Silicone-based conditioners render shiny and glossy look to your hair by forming a coating around your hair. However, silicone buildup is a major disadvantage, which more likely happens after the consistent use of silicone-based conditioners and shampoo. Sealant properties of silicone obstruct the flow of water, air, and nutrients to reach the hair cuticle, which ultimately leads to severe hair damage. In short, it is always wise to check the list of ingredients at the product level. 

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