Importance of Face Toner for Oily Skin

Importance of Face Toner for Oily Skin

Toner is a lotion or gel used for cleansing the skin to minimize the appearance of pores and cleans up all the minute dirt or makeup left on the skin after cleansing. A lot of people are confused about whether to use a toner or not. A lot of them are not even clear about what is the work of a toner or in what manner a toner is beneficial for your skin. Toners are mostly useful for those who have oily skin or who wear a lot of make-up. A toner is important because it refreshes the skin and it prevents breakouts due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It gives a boost to your skin and provides it with a healthy glow.

There are a lot of ways in which using a toner is beneficial.

Benefits of Toner

1.    Adds a layer of protection

The anti-inflammatory properties of a toner help in protecting the skin from bacteria and protect the skin from other impurities present in the environment. Toner is important as it has the ability to remove all the minute dust and dirt from the skin left after cleansing and close the pores as clogging of pores will lead to breakouts. It also protects your skin from the chlorine present in the water.

2.    Maintains pH balance

The natural pH balance of our skin varies between 5 and 6 but the alkaline nature of soaps often tends to cause imbalance. This is when toner comes into the daily face care routine as it is used to restore the pH balance quickly as compared to restoration which occurs naturally.

3.    Minimizes pores

Toner is actually used for making your skin look smooth and healthy as it tightens your skin and therefore, minimizing the pores which also protects your skin from breakouts. Blotting or wiping your face with a small amount of toner on your cotton ball will remove all the excess dirt and bacteria. 

4.    Prevents ingrown hair

The alpha hydroxy acid or glycolic acid present in toners help in preventing ingrown hair. This, in turn, also helps in grooming. 

5.    Refreshes skin

Toner is important as it makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Even when you do not feel like washing your face, you can just clean it up using a toner on a cotton ball. It will help you get rid of all the dirt and bacteria and cleanse your face deeply. Including it in your face care routine will also help you get rid of all the excess oil accumulated during the day.

6.    Makes the skin absorb skincare products in a better way

A toner helps in clearing the clogged pores and therefore, giving way to other skin products to be absorbed by the skin and give proper effects. It also helps in binding the moisture to your skin in order to make it look young and healthy glowing skin.

Face Toner for Oily Skin Is a Must

Quite a lot of people think that toners are not important as they make the skin more sensitive but actually, the fact is different. Earlier, toners used to contain a lot of alcohol content which would easily remove the oils from the skin but as a matter of fact, alcohol harms the skin. Therefore, the latest toners are alcohol-free and they have more astringent properties which help in double cleansing the skin without leaving it dry. You must avoid toners which have fragrant extracts and alcohol. Make sure that your toner benefits you as every skin needs a different kind of toner but remember that face toner for oily skin is a must

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