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Benefits of Conditioner Hair - Everyone knows that they have to shampoo their hair every once in a while but very fewer people know the importance of conditioners. Everyone has definitely heard about conditioners but it is hard for them to believe that it is as important a part in their hair care regimen as a shampoo.

A lot of people, when asked that why they do not prefer conditioning their hair said that they believed conditioning will weigh down their hair, some said that they are afraid that it will make their hair flat. Others responded that even their previous generations never used such chemicals and had very long and healthy hair. Ignoring the benefits of hair conditioners, they tend to forget that earlier, people had a very healthy diet and never took junk food. They were healthy inside out and they even lived in a clean and stress-free environment. In contrast, nowadays, the environment is so polluted that even the Air Quality Index mentions that the air is dangerous even for breathing in certain areas. Moreover, people have started living a very stressful life as their lifestyle has become very hectic and they do not have time to relax peacefully as a result of which, not only is their outer beauty getting spoiled but they are suffering from a lot of diseases at a very early age.

There is no doubt that our hair needs equal, in fact, more nourishment in today’s life when apart from the above-mentioned factors, we are also frequently used to using heating and styling products just for the sake of beauty which causes a lot of damage to the hair. Therefore, the importance of conditioners is negligible.


a. How to choose the right shampoo.

b. How to choose the right conditioner.

Types of conditioners:

1. Deep Conditioner : A hair mask to be left a little longer in order to condition the hair deeply.

2. Cleansing Conditioner : It is also known as CO Washing Conditioner as it acts as both, a shampoo and a conditioner by cleansing and nourishing at the same time.

3. Leave-In Conditioner : This hair conditioner is left in the hair all throughout the day. Most of these conditioners protect the hair from sun damage as well.

4. Dry Conditioner : A dry conditioner is new in this category. It is used to make the hair look shinier, smoother, and softer.

Benefits of Conditioner Hair

There are various hair conditioner benefits. It not only helps in detangling of hair but also makes your hair soft and smooth. Depending upon your hair type, if you choose the right conditioner, your hair will shine be smooth in texture like that of silk. Let us have a look at some of the other benefits of applying a conditioner.

1. Protects the cuticles:

Amongst the various benefits of conditioners, protecting the cuticles is the foremost importance of conditioner.  Conditioning builds a protective layer around the hair cuticles which protects them from the polluted environment and from the effect of the heating and hair styling products which we use.

2. Instant results:

Just applying the conditioner for 2-3 minutes at max gives you instantly smooth and shiny hair. Every conditioner has a tendency to give instant and effective results.

3. Reduces Towel Damage:

When we dry our hair with a towel, our hair goes through a certain amount of stress while rubbing. Unfortunately, during that time since the hair is wet, they are very vulnerable. Conditioning helps in protecting the hair from such vulnerable damage.

4. Balances pH Levels:

Balancing pH levels is another importance of conditioner, When you wash your hair, the outer cells of your hair become rough as the cleansing agent or the shampoo is formulated in a way that it washes away all the dirt and oils or all the other nasty stuff that gets deposited on the hair strands. Conditioning helps in smoothing those cells and keeping the moisture of your hair intact while preserving your hair colour at the same time.

5. Detangles hair strands:

A conditioner helps in detangling the hair strands. After cleansing, the hair becomes rough and dry due to which they tend to get entangled very fast and even get stuck up with one another. Hair conditioner helps in making the hair smooth and this, in turn, brings all the hair go downwards by detangling, thus, resulting in a smooth look.

6. Easy to style:

Since after conditioning, your hair becomes smooth and shiny, it becomes very easy to style them. You will also not need a lot of post-shower treatments as your hair strands will be full of life.

7. Moisturises:

Since shampoo washes away the impurities from the scalp, it also happens to destroy the hair cuticles to some extent. Conditioner helps in infusing the lost moisture back into the hair strands. This also helps in the strengthening of the hair strands.

Now that we know the importance of conditioners,  let us have a look at some of the points we need to keep in mind while using a conditioner.

•    Never apply conditioner on the roots.

•    People with coloured hair will have to use a different conditioner.

•    Conditioners containing silicones and parabens can damage your hair.

•    It is not important to shampoo before conditioning. You can condition your hair directly as well.

•    You can also condition before shampooing in order to protect the hair strands before the damage occurs.

Side Effects of Hair Conditioners

In spite of the benefits of hair conditioners, there are certain negligible drawbacks which can be caused very rarely only in case one has very highly sensitive skin. Hair conditioners can cause:

a. Allergic reactions or Allergic Contact Dermatitis

b. Clog pores on the acne-prone skin


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