How to care for Acne and Dry Skin

How to care for Acne and Dry Skin How to care for Acne and Dry Skin

How to care for Acne and Dry Skin

Oily skin and acne are very well in association with each other and are very common. But people having acne with dry skin are the most unfortunate ones as they have to make sure that the product they use makes their skin normal without causing acne. Such people have to care for dry skin with acne with excessive attention. This type of skin is formed due to the use of highly drying cleansers or using products which contain harsh ingredients like methanol, eucalyptus, alcohol etc.

Let us learn how to care for dry skin with acne i.e. dehydrated skin.

Treat Dry Skin and Acne

1. Gentle Cleanser

 Your first step in the cleansing process for any type of skin should be to wash your face with a gentle and mild cleanser. Use Re’equil Oil-Control and Anti-Acne Face Wash which removes the excess oil from the face without ripping off the necessary natural oils. It contains Zinc PCA which lends a moisturizing and sebostatic effect to the skin. It also treats dry skin and acne.

2.    Face Toner

Face toner maintains the skin’s clarity and the pH balance of the skin. It helps in deeply cleansing the face by removing the leftover dirt. Sometimes the dead cells or makeup is not completely removed by the cleanser, which is why toner is important to remove the impurities and care for dry skin with acne. Re’equil Pore-Refining Face Toner contains 9 botanical extracts which help in regulating the sebum production and reducing the inflammation caused by acne. Moreover, helps in moisturizing the skin rather than stripping off the essential oils and therefore, it treats dry skin and acne.

3. Sunscreen

Most of the premature ageing is caused due to unprotected sun exposure. The sun emits four types of harmful rays namely UVA, UVB, HEV, and IR rays. A lot of our electronic gadgets also emit HEV and IR rays. All these rays disturb the collagen and melanin production of the skin which leads to premature age spots and causes wrinkles. Re’equil Anti-aging Sunscreen provides SPF 50 protection. It has high molecular melanin and is an ultra-light anti-photoaging and non-comedogenic formulation for dry and normal skin.

Avoid Acne on Dry Skin

The infuriating struggle to choose the right product for the dry and acne prone skin or dehydrated skin is actually very frustrating. Even the very basic products like moisturizer have to be chosen with great care as it might be that it is good enough to moisturize your dry skin but it clogs your pores and resulting in even more breakouts. Even overuse of skin products like cleansing brushes or scrubs can cause acne on dry skin.


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