Guarantee to Control Hair Fall?

Do you feel agitated to ask any of the following questions?

  • When will I get my hair back?
  • How long will the treatment last for?
  • Is there any guarantee that it will not occur again?
  • Do you promise positive results?

Guarantee? Well, it depends on you!

 “The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg not by smashing it.”

                                                                                                                       Arnold H. Glasow

What is Hair Loss?

The other names of hair loss are baldness or alopecia. Everyone loses a certain amount of hair, (approximately 50 strands) on a daily basis but they go unnoticed. It is a natural phenomenon. Hair fall is only when your hair strands break and they are visible on your pillows, bed, or floor. This is the situation when you are supposed to be tense.

Hair Growth Cycle

There are three stages hair growth cycle:

  1. Anagen Phase: This is the growth phase in which hair grows approximately 1cm per month. This time duration lasts from two to six years however, it also depends on the genetics.
  2. Catagen Phase: Also known as the transitional phase, the hair comes out of the papilla during this stage and the strands are cut off from the nourishing blood supply.
  3. Telogen Phase: This is the resting phase or the shedding phase. The epidermal cell lining covers the follicle, helping the hair to remain strong. There will come a time when the follicle will grow again from the roots and this will make the hair break from the root. New hair will come in its place after two weeks.

Stages of Hair Loss

Hair loss generally starts from the centre and the hairline keeps on receding with time if not controlled. You can have a look at the images given below to understand the stages of hair fall.


Can Hair Loss be reversed?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. hair loss associated with an underlying medical association, lack of vitamins, minerals can be reversed in most of the cases by treating its underlying cause. Genetic hair loss, which is the most common type of hair loss in both, men and women is reversible only till a certain stage if acted upon early with the right product. In the above illustration of male and female pattern hair loss, one must act in the early stages of thinning and without any delay.

Suffering from hair loss pops up a lot of questions in your mind. Below are some practical and honest answers to most commonly asked questions on hair loss:

  1. Can Hair Loss be reversed? Is there any guarantee?

Most of the people look for a guarantee to get his/her hair back. The truth is, since there is no cure, there cannot be any guarantee. Male and female pattern hair loss can only be effectively managed but it is important is to self-identify the stage of hair loss one is in.

  1. Can I get new hair growth?

Just as hair loss is a gradual process, so is hair regrowth. Regrowth of hair also depends on the extent of thinning that has already taken place. You can regrow your hair definitely but only if your patches are not completely bald i.e. smooth and shiny as the patch becomes bald only when the roots are completely dead.

  1. In how much time will I get my hair back?

As stated above, every hair has a life cycle of resting, growing, and shedding. It takes 4-6 months of the transition period from the resting stage to growth stage. It is, therefore, important to be patient for at least 6 months and stick to one product so that it can show some effect.

  1. For how much time will I have to use these products?

We generally recommend using the products for at least 6 months in order to get some good results. Depending on the results, you can continue using the products. However, in cases of genetic hair loss, one may have to use the products for their entire life.

  1. Will hair fall start again if I stop using these products?

However, chances of hair fall are negligible but in cases like that of genetic hair loss, it is a hormonal condition and can therefore, start again. However, if hair loss is due to deficiency of vitamins and minerals, it is possible that once the deficiency is recovered, the chances of hair fall occurring again are very rare.

There won’t be any negative effect as long as you continue to use dermatologically tested products which contain clinically proven actives. It is recommended to use the product for at least 6 months.

  1. Are Re’equil products safe for long term use?

Yes, Re’equil products are absolutely safe and effective and they have been dermatologically tested. Moreover, they are non-comedogenic and contain clinically proven active ingredients.

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