Daily Skin Care Tips for All Skin Types

Daily Skin Care Tips for All Skin Types

A lot of people with acne prone skin or sensitive skin step a little further to take care of their skin. However, acne is not your fault but still, you have to take a few extra precautions than your friend with normal skin. It is very obvious that we are used to going out with such friends and eating and living the same lifestyle as they do. But since we have sensitive skin, of course, we have to become a bit conscious and follow some skin care tips. Regardless of the fact stated in the previous sentence, there are certain habits which both of us can incorporate in our personal lives in the same manner.

Let us have a look at some of the daily skin care tips for all skin types:

Tips for All Skin Types

1.    Processed Diet

Your diet is always reflected on your skin. Therefore, you must choose wisely what you eat and at what time you eat. Your body adapts to a particular cycle of eating which is very important to be maintained. You must prefer eating fresh fruits and vegetables, even fresh meat and cut off junk from your diet. Eating on time will help your body clock work nicely which will be reflected on your face for sure.

2.    Sunshine Dose

Vitamin D can be primarily obtained from the Sun. you must expose your skin in the Sun for at least 15 minutes daily in order to protect it from looking dull. The rays of the Sun in the morning are the most beneficial for health. However, if you wish to sit in the afternoon, you must apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays.

3.    Sleep Timings

Just like the other daily skin care tips for all skin types, your sleeping schedule is very important. Your body must get rest on time as it gets used to your sleeping schedule as well. However, your skin would really appreciate if you go to bed early and rise early. Your sleeping hours should start approximately 2 hours after the sun sets and you must wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning to have healthy skin. The dark environment helps your body to have a good time to repair your body.

4.    Low-Stress Levels

Just like when you are tensed, the tension is reflected on your face, it is reflected on your skin as well in the form of acne. Those who suffer from acne, if they take the stress, the inflammatory levels of their body rise up and result in even more acne. Every day, you must have a fixed time to do something which makes you happy even if it means sitting idle. You can also try meditation or yoga classes to reduce stress levels.

5.    Leave Skin Alone

You must avoid trying and testing different products on your face again and again as your skin is already sensitive and it can lead to some irritation or sensation leading to acne. Once you wash your face, just apply a toner followed by a moisturiser and avoid touching your face after that. Sticking to the basics is an important key of the skin care tips. Even if you are taking any medications for acne, you must stick to one medication and wait patiently. Frequent changes will confuse your skin and as a result, your skin will react in an unexpected manner.

Other Skin Care Tips

Apart from the aforementioned tips for all skin types, you must stay as natural as possible. You must also drink ample amount of water (8-10 glasses per day) and exercise regularly. Another daily skin care tips for all skin types is that you must exfoliate once or twice a week and make sure that you clean your face at least twice a day and moisturize it.

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