Daily Habits Of People With Healthy And Long Hair

Daily Habits Of People With Healthy And Long Hair


Are you constantly trying new remedies but still feel stumped over what those eye-catching rapunzel-esque people do to achieve such, healthy and long hair? We understand that the constant defeat not only takes away your hope to achieve desired tresses but also makes you lose self-confidence. A research study demonstrates that your hair grows an average of six inches per year. So, the question arises, "What exactly is it that people with long and healthy tresses do that makes their hair grow long faster?". Unbarring the daily habits of people with healthy and long hair is notably similar to discovering the eight wonder of the world. However, ponder no more, as we have backed up the best solution for you.


  • Look after your scalp
  • Nourish your hair 
  • Avoid hair styling tools
  • Deep condition your strands
  • Refrain from brushing wet hair
  • Use a microfibre towel
  • Trim your tresses

daily routine for healthy hair


1. Look after your scalp

It is vital to acknowledge that your hair growth starts on the inside - so looking after your hair follicles and scalp is necessary if you wish to achieve long tresses. Several scientific studies suggest that one of the best ways to look after your scalp is to massage it with the help of oil. It helps to promote blood flow to the hair follicles that boosts hair growth. A study found that Babassu oil helps your hair grow by promoting a healthy scalp and nourished hair without clogging to the pores present in your scalp. So, inculcate the habit of massaging your scalp to your daily routine for healthy hair.

2. Nourish your hair 

One of the main steps of hair routine for long hair is to use shampoo and conditioner wisely. It is important to understand that your scalp requires to breathe. This is where shampoo steps in. It breaks the oil while removing any dirt present on your scalp or tresses. Along with that, a conditioner ensures to provide moisture to your scalp which may have been whisked away during shampooing. Although hair products do not directly affect your hair growth; they can make a difference in keeping your tresses healthy and strong. Always opt for silicone and sulphate free shampoo and conditioner as they are known to damage your hair making them dull and prone to breakage. 

3. Avoid hair styling tools

Heating tools may certainly uplift your confidence by making your tresses appear beautiful, however, it is imperative to recognise that it also causes long-term damage by stripping away its natural oils. Heating tools tend to make your hair more prone to breakage and split ends. Aside from that, various research studies explain that hair dryers and heating irons lifts the protective layers of the cuticles, therefore causing excessive thermal damage. This is why you should avoid using hair styling tools at all cost.

4. Deep condition your strands

Deep conditioning using a hair mask is one of the secret to healthy hair. It provides extra nourishment to your tresses while repairing any damaged hair locks. Various studies reveal that ceramides, hydrolysed pea protein and omega-3 fatty acids are some of the key ingredients that you should look for in a hair mask. They offer optimal hydration to your scalp and tresses making them less prone to breakage while boosts hair growth by providing the much-needed nourishment. Consider, applying a hair mask at least once a week for best results.


Babasu hair


5. Refrain from brushing wet hair

Another habit you should incorporate in your daily routine for healthy hair is to avoid brushing wet hair. Top hairstylists disclose the secret to healthy hair by explaining that your hair is the weakest when it is wet, which makes it prone to breakage if brushed. So, detangle your manes after they are completely air-dry to ensure the safety of your hair. If you still feel the need to comb through your hair while it is wet, then you can always detangle and brush them with your fingers.

6. Use a microfibre towel 

Air drying your hair can surely be an annoyingly time-taking procedure, which is why several hairstylists recommend using a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are known to have tinier and smoother fibre as compared to bath towels, which makes them more absorbent than normal bath towels. Apart from that, the ultra-soft and smooth fabric of a microfibre towel ensure less breakage of your strands, resulting in healthy and long hair in no time.

7. Trim your tresses

Trimming your hair doesn’t directly affect your hair growth however occasional trimming prevents split ends, resulting in healthier hair. This leads to less damage and less breakage which helps in maintaining the health and length of your tresses. Various certified hair specialists suggest that you should trim your hair at least once every three months to avoid such unwanted hair damage.


hair routine for long hair


We hope that these secret tips and habits will help you achieve healthy and long hair. These may take their sweet time but we ensure you that the results will be long term and satisfying. All you need to do is use these remedies along with your daily hair care as ignoring daily hair care routine can lead to various repercussions like frizzy hair, split ends etc. So, without further delay, follow these tips to achieve your desired goal and thank us later.


Various hair specialists explain that several ingredients infused with harsh chemicals in your hair products do more harm than good. They are also known to prevent hair growth. For this reason, you must always have a thorough knowledge of ingredients that can wreck your tresses. Also, always inspect the ingredients present in your hair care products before investing in them. Incorporating the hair care products containing the right ingredients and using them wisely will certainly help you achieve healthy and long hair.

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