Cupid approved glowing skin secrets for Valentine's Day

Cupid approved glowing skin secrets for Valentine's Day

Isn’t getting ready for valentine’s date like a classic slow-motion, tireless nightmare? There’s picking a cute outfit, prepping your hair, getting waxed, acing the perfect winged liner and what not? To top it all is the urge to achieve a glowing skin like Cleopatra’s and bewitch your special someone. Amidst this ongoing juggle, it is significant to realize that Valentine’s Day is not just about showering love on others, but also on you. To make the journey towards self love smoother for you, here are easy skincare tips to achieve that love-at-first-sight glow this Valentine’s Day.

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

  • Turn on your happy song

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

Let’s not ignore the fact that the constant stress of looking beautiful on V-day can take a toll on your skin. However, the mantra to achieve a forever glowing skin is to worry less and relax more. Set the mood with dim lights, ignite some fragrant candles, and put on Perry Como melodies to begin prepping for your “magic moments”.

  • Take the day off your face

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

Are you wondering what could be the first step to achieve glowing skin? That’d be picking up a facial cleanser based on your skin type. Cleanser is the most essential step in your skincare regimen since it removes all of a day’s dirt and dead skin from your face. Not only does it clear up dead skin cells, but also prevents your skin from any breakout. It provides a subtle glow to your skin by retaining its moisture balance. Cleansers infused with citrus extracts such as lemon, orange are known for their gentle exfoliation, which lightens up any facial discolouration, leaving behind baby-soft, radiant valentine’s skin.

  • Tone it up a notch

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

A face Toner is usually one of the most underestimated products in a skincare regimen. You might have a bare understanding about it and often question, “What does a face toner do and why should you use a toner?” Long story short, toners are basically a secret skincare weapon. It preps up your skin after cleansing to drink up your moisturizer and allow post skincare products to spread through better. Ingredients like extracts Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Juice and Vitamin C present in toners are considered to refine & tighten skin pores without stripping off its moisture. Face toner infused with vitamin C provides you with a smooth, bright and glowing skin.


  • Dab some moisturising love

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

It’s time to seal the deal people! Moisturizer has an extremely important role to play in your skincare regimen. It strengthens and hydrates the delicate surface of your skin. Those with oily skin assume that a moisturizer leaves behind a greasy look. However, picking the right moisturizer as per your skin type will clear up all such assumptions and become your skin’s match made in heaven.

  • If you have normal to dry skin, then choose a moisturizer that contains ingredients like Ceramide, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Mango Seed Butter etc. They will act as a natural barrier and replenish any lipids lost from exposure to pollution. It also softens the appearance of fine lines, leaving behind a soft moisturized skin.
  • For oily or combination skin a lightweight and non-greasy formula which gets absorbed easily and offers a smooth finish to your skin works best. Consider including a moisturizer that contains Betaine, since it not only helps to retain hydration, but also act as a perfect base for makeup
  • If you are dealing with oily or acne-prone skin, then opt for a moisturizer that’s non-comedogenic and oil-free. Moisturizers infused with natural leaf extracts lend a mattifying effect to your skin while regulating pore enlargement.


  • Don’t let the sun dull your shine

The perfect step by step valentine-skincare routine

If you are going out on a date in day time, don’t forget about sun protection. Remember to slather on some sunscreen to shield your skin from sun exposure. Consider investing in a sunscreen which offers a broad-spectrum formula that helps to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. A sunscreen with ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are ultra-light and provide a smooth base to apply makeup.


Quick tips to get radiant skin on Valentine’s Day

Keeping your skin clear, hydrated and glowing isn’t a cakewalk. Beyond the right skincare regimen, there are a few other tips and tricks that need to be followed to achieve glowing skin in no time for this Valentine’s Day.

1. Become a water babyMake sure to consume plenty of water daily to clear your skin. Sufficient intake of water ensures detoxification, which is the gateway to a flawless complexion.

2. EYE love you too - The delicate skin around your eyes is prone to dryness and signs of ageing or fatigue. Squinting and constantly moving your eyes adds up to the fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. This is where the need for an under-eye cream emerges.Inculcating an under-eye cream in your skincare regimen and religiously applying it will help you lift your under-eye area while reducing any signs of ageing or stress. Hyaluronic acid, extracts of Quinoa Seeds, Lumiskin etc are considered as key ingredients for under eye problems. They not only protect the under-eye skin from free radical damage, but also help to clear dark circles, or any hyperpigmentation.

3. Eat a rainbowPractice the old age phrase, “You are what you eat”. Skin is the first organ to show any signs of poor nutrition, like sudden breakouts, pale skin etc. Fill up your meals with colourful fruits and vegetables that are enriched with healthy fats, minerals, anti-oxidants etc.

4. Say yes to honeyDaily intake of refined sugar is known to be one of the causes behind breakouts. Avoid refined sugar as much as possible and switch to natural sweeteners like honey, dates, dark chocolate etc.

5. Beauty sleep There is a reason why they call it the “beauty sleep”! We do understand the giddiness that you might be experiencing for that special day, but don’t let it coax you into ignoring your precious sleep. Your body needs ample rest, which has a direct effect on the glow of your skin. So, show some patience and take proper 8 hours of sleep for fresh and glowing skin!

6. Daadi Ma’s NuskhaIn your teens, your grandmother must have given you an “ubtan session” or two. Ubtan is traditionally the oldest and purest form of face mask ever. It revitalizes and regenerates your skin while leaving a naturally glowing face. Owing to its superpower of gifting a glowing skin, an entire wedding ceremony is dedicated to it for making the bride glow even more. Don’t forget to radiate that same bride like glow on your date by pampering your skin with a homemade ubtan mask compatible with your skin type and shine like a queen all day long!

At the end of the day it’s all about feeling happy and confident in your skin. When you are happy and stress free it reflects on your face, which makes you glow naturally. Since it is the DAY OF LOVE, show some to your skin first and don’t let unnecessary stress deter you from creating memorable memories with your special someone.

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