Cressatine and Aminexil for Hair Loss

Cressatine and Aminexil for Hair Loss Cressatine and Aminexil for Hair Loss

Cressatine and Aminexil for Hair Loss

A lot of people are looking for ways to get back their lost hair or stop their hair fall as soon as possible. Some of the very common causes of hair fall these days are stress, pollution, use of wrong hair care products etc. since hair is a very important part of your personality, it is important to maintain them properly. So, instead of focusing on the ends, you must focus on the roots so that your hair is nourished from the roots till the end. Cressatine and aminexil are two of the very important ingredients used to control hair fall as they not only control hair fall but also promote hair growth.

Cressatine for Hair Loss

Cressatine is made up of water, glycerine, and nasturtium officinale leaf or flower extract and Tropaeolum majus leaf/flower/stem extract. Nasturtium officinale is Water Cress while Tropaeolum majus is the Indian Cress from which cressatine is obtained as an aqueous extract. Since cressatine is titrated with sulphur, it is useful in facilitating hair growth and strengthening hair from the roots. It provides elements like sulphur and other minerals which produce keratin to form solid and well-maintained hair. It prolongs the growth phase by using wnt pathways and KGFs. When cressatine stimulates keratinocytes, well-structured and long hair is produced.  When Wnt is activated, KGF i.e. Keratinocyte Growth Factor is released which causes Keratinocyte differentiation.

Aminexil for Hair Loss

Aminexil is a diamino-pyrimideneoxide, a chemical molecule developed and patented by L’Oreal in order to prevent perifollicular fibrosis i.e. scarring of hair follicles. However, not much research has been done on this ingredient but a lot of dermatologists recommend the use of aminexil for the treatment of alopecia or hair fall. Indian cress purifies the scalp and prevents dandruff. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe the scalp while regulating the sebum as well. As per reports, people using hair care products containing aminexil were found to notice a decrease in telogen hair i.e. a phase when hair go into resting phase which makes them weak and eventually breakable. However, on the other hand, in the anagen phase, hair follicles grow actively. Aminexil basically prevents collagen from forming and accumulating around the hair follicle. Aminexil, however, works in a similar manner as minoxidil but research is still going on to come to a conclusion regarding which of the two is more effective.


Re’equil Hair Fall Control Serum contains both cressatine and aminexil for controlling hair loss and also helps in healthy growth of hair. 


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    What percentage of the formula of Re-equil’s Anti-Hair Fall Control Serum is each of these ingredients (Cressatine and Aminexil)?

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