Benefits Of Using A Face Toner

You have a proper beauty regime in place. Beginning with a face wash, then scrub, moisturizer, night cream, and ending with an under eye cream. Do you feel this regime is enough? What is it that you are missing? Your regime does not include a toner. If you are still wondering what good can a toner do to your skin, then keep reading to find why using a facial toner is essential.

What is the purpose of a face toner?

A lot many people are not clear about the purpose of a facial toner. They wonder why an extra product should be added to their skin care regime when they are doing just fine without it. To answer these doubts it is necessary to understand the constitution of the skin. The skin has multiple layers and all products that are applied to the skin works on multiple layers in order to be effective. A toner is a product that penetrates into the skin layers and offers benefits that are actually skin deep. Some of its great benefits are highlighted below.

Top 7 benefits of using a facial toner

1. Is it necessary to use a facial toner after face wash?

facial toner after face wash

You must be wondering if I am already using a face wash to clear the cell debris, dust, and impurities then what is the need for double cleansing with a toner. Although, a face wash and face cleanser does the same function, but you need to brush up your knowledge regarding the use of a toner. A facial toner helps cleanse more than just the top layer of the skin. It helps to remove even the toughest of eye and face makeup, thereby making skin completely clean. As per expert advice for best skin care, the application of a toner after a non-comedogenic face wash helps to keep skin texture smooth.


2. Is it true that facial toner helps maintain the pH balance?

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If you strive for a healthy-looking skin, then maintaining balanced skin pH levels is very important. Before discussing the role of toners for maintaining pH balance, firstly let us know what is skin pH level? The pH defines alkalinity or acidity of skin which ranges between 0 i.e. most acidic to 14 i.e. most alkaline. Our skin’s normal pH value is 5, which is slightly acidic. However, use of a face wash containing strong surfactants or any other beauty creams may disturb the pH levels of your skin that results in acne, dry patches, inflammation, and signs of aging (fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin) on the face. Another vital reason for imbalanced pH skin level is oily skin. What happens when our skin produces extra oil is that it becomes more acidic. To resolve this issue people use alkaline cleansers but end up losing the skin’s ability to maintain ideal skin pH levels.  Facial Toners are formulated to restore the natural pH balance of the skin for a healthy and flawless skin. It is also highly essential to check the list of ingredients on toner bottle and preferably use alcohol free toners to yield best results and avoid unwanted havoc on the skin.


3. How does a face toner help to refine enlarged pores?

Our skin has lots of pores that need to be clean and moisturized properly. Improper skincare and other factors lead to either enlarged pores or shrinking and clogging. Hence, the role of a face toner is to keep the pores clean and prevent them from being clogged due to dirt and other impurities. Toners comprising of antioxidants, vitamin C, and anti astringent properties help to refine enlarged pores, meanwhile their collagen-boosting action makes the skin look youthful.

4. Are you aware of this less known but significant feature of a toner  “Moisturization”

A good facial toner also has moisturization benefits for the skin. Ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid in toners help to lock moisture in the skin and keeps dryness at bay. However, this does not mean that toner can do the job of a moisturiser. A moisturiser has its own purpose and benefits, however a toner can add to those benefits. It does not replace the moisturizer.

5. Can face toner be your skin’s protective barrier?

One of the most beneficial uses of a toner is that it protects the skin against any infections or bacteria.  It forms layer of protection on the skin and prevents environmental impurities from entering into the skin. Face toners are formulated to purify and sanitize the skin; hence it is necessary to apply a toner especially after removing hair from the face.                                                    

6. Does a toner refresh your skin?

Does a toner refresh your skin

You might be surprised to know that the role of a toner is not just confined to clear makeup residues, but also revitalizes and refreshes your skin. Facial toners help to repair the skin, since they are packed with botanical extracts, antioxidants (vitamin C), and humectants. Furthermore, you can use a toner as an after-sun treatment because it calms and refreshes dull skin. Thus, use of a toner is pivotal for those who experience periods of long exposure to the sun.

7. Can a face toner help to prevent acne?

Antimicrobial, antiseptic, and astringent properties of toners help to minimize the chances of acne breakout. A good face toner will cleanse and purify the skin thoroughly that the problem of acne will not arise. Thus, toners are a must if you have acne prone skin.


How to apply toner on your face?

How to apply toner on your face and how many times a toner can be used in a day?  If you do not know about these two vital questions, let us help you. After washing your face with a mild and gentle face wash, you can begin with toner application. Take your toner bottle, add few drops of toner on cotton pad, and dab it on your overall face thoroughly excluding eyes. Your task isn’t finished yet, since it is imperative to apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer after a toner. If you are doing your morning skin care regimen then toner, non-comedogenic moisturizer and sunscreen is the right pattern to follow before stepping out in the sun.  Once you adapt to this routine, you will notice that toner application is not a difficult task and by taking care of a few things, you can attain maximum benefits from using a toner.

 What should I look for in a facial toner?

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All you need to do is find a toner that is perfect for your skin and apply it daily after cleansing your face in the morning and evening. It is always worth looking for the list of ingredients in toners and preferably opt for a toner, which is enriched with botanical extracts. For instance, plants like Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Great Burdock, Ivy, Lemon, and watercress are loaded with incredible skin-friendly properties. Natural ingredients based toners not only minimizes the appearance of pores, but also helps fight acne and other skin issues. Using such a toner will help keep your skin smooth with a brighter appearance. Wisely invest in your toner today and give your skin the best care for years.


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