4 Reasons Why You Need A Hair Mask In Your Hair Care Routine

Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Hair Mask

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Every day is a new hairstyle day. 

Sadly, constant use of heating tools, coloring, harsh products, and environmental pollution snatches away the necessary nutrition and moisture from your scalp and hair. This ultimately makes your hair lifeless and unmanageable. We understand this dilemma of dealing with brittle, dry, and damaged hair daily.

Don’t feel discouraged, it is possible to achieve luscious hair by adding deep conditioning aka hair mask to your routine. A hair mask comes with the advantage of extra moisture and intense hair conditioning properties. Read below to know how hair masks reduce frizziness and add extra shine to your hair. 


Top 5 benefits of using hair mask

Top 5 benefits of using a hair mask 
  • Adds shine and smoothness to hair

It’s high time to protect your hair and give it an extra tint of smoothness and natural shine. Therefore, adding a hair mask to your regime is a good idea. Reason - Hair masks bear the potential to strengthen your hair strands, offer moisture to the dehydrated hair and eliminate frizziness. 

  • Reverses hair damage 

Overheating and using harsh hair colors damages the hair and leads to split ends. Hair masks nourish your hair from the tip to the roots and give it 360-degree protection from breakage, split ends, and extrinsic damage. Using a hair mask every time you wash your hair is necessary to restore damaged hair. Styling and having a good hair day every day shall never stop. 

  • Keeps hair frizz free 

Hair masks perfectly manage frizzy hair. With the help of hair masks, you can do a hair spa at home It gives intense nourishment making your hair more subtle, and firm to the roots, and adds shine. A hair mask forms a protective layer on your hair and prevents further loss of nourishment. It locks in moisture and prevents frizziness. 

  • Improves hair strength and elasticity

Outer shine doesn’t always mean inner strength. A hair mask strengthens the hair and leaves the scalp healthier.  Unlike shampoo and conditioner, hair masks have the ability to go deeper into your hair strands and protect hair from breakage, heal damaged hair, add natural shine and improve hair elasticity. 

  • Adds bounce and volume to hair

Who doesn’t love bouncy and flippy hair? Hair masks help hydrate your hair and eventually add volume to them. Dehydrated hair falls prey to split ends, dandruff, hair thinning and breakage, and much more. 

What are the best hair mask ingredients?


  • Ceramides 

Ceramides are present in your hair cuticle and are responsible for binding your cuticle layer together. Since cuticles defend your hair against damage, ceramides help to keep your hair strong. Ceramides in the hair mask keep the cuticles closed and retain the shine and luster in them.

  • Pea protein 

A plant-based protein, pea protein mask adds shine to your hair and strengthens it from the roots.  Using a hair mask containing pea protein can give the much-needed volume to your hair. Your hair breakage is lessened and your hair feels hydrated by using a pea protein hair mask.

  • Omega 3 fatty acid 

When your hair mask includes omega 3 fatty acids, you can confidently step out in the sun as omega 3 fatty acids protect your hair against dust and pollution. At the same time, Omega 3 fatty acids decrease hair loss and hair fall, as well as boost hair growth.

Frequently asked questions about hair 
1. How to use a hair mask properly?


Top 5 benefits of using a hair mask

2. How often should I use a hair mask?

Treating your hair with weekly hair masks sounds good, you can increase the usage of hair masks depending on the smoothness of your hair, condition of the hair, texture, and hair care products that you use on a daily basis.

3. Can I replace my hair mask with a conditioner?

Hair masks can not be replaced with conditioners. Hair masks are super conditioners and they give more substantial hair repair. They form a protective layer and give intense hydration and nourishment from the tip to the roots whereas conditioners are for daily use, they leave a thin cast over your hair. Hair masks shall only be used once or twice a week because more is not necessarily better. 


Having a haircare routine is as important as a skincare routine because your hair needs your attention too. Hair Masks are like hair spas done at home, they treat specific concerns like frizziness, dryness, split ends, etc. Its optimum use will give effective results. In addition to it, your scalp health will be maintained too. Give your hair deep nourishment with hair masks at max. twice weekly and flaunt those shiny and healthy locks.