Babassu Oil for Hair | Benefits of Babassu Oil

Babassu Oil for Hair | Benefits of Babassu Oil Babassu Oil for Hair | Benefits of Babassu Oil

Babassu Oil for Hair | Benefits of Babassu Oil

Lack of adequate hydration and moisture retention causes frizzy, damaged, and unruly hair. Most of the times, excessive use of heating products or chemicals, and exposure to dry weather are responsible for such hair. The earlier you learn that your hair is damaged, the sooner you must start paying attention to your hair for caring properly. The later you start the treatment, the higher will be the damage that you will face.

Babassu oil for hair, is a vegetable oil. It is also known as cusi oil The oil is extracted from the seeds of babassu palm found in the Amazon Region of South America. This oil is used in cooking, cleansing, and skin products. 

Let us have a look at some of the benefits of babassu oil for hair.

Benefits of Babassu Oil for Hair

1.    Anti-inflammatory

Babassu oil for hair is filled with Vitamin E and phytosterols which act as anti-oxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties protect as well as heal effectively. Babassu is largely composed of Lauric acid which is highly anti-inflammatory. So if you have inflammation or irritation, babassu will be very helpful.

2.    Ends Split-ends

The oil has properties to seal the split ends. It balances the natural oils and keeps your hair hydrated and moisturised. Applying the babassu conditioner after shampooing for a little while will do wonders for you.

3.    Conditions the Hair

Babassu oil for hair will make your hair shiny and moisturised without even giving a greasy look. It treats the damaged frizzy hair and smoothens them so that they look absolutely voluminous and lustrous. 

4.     Nourishes Scalp

The conditioning and repairing properties in this oil benefit your hair by reducing hair breaking and increasing the elasticity of your hair. Babassu hair conditioner destroys free radicals which have the ability to cause some great problems.



5.    Healthy Hair

Since it treats dry scalp and nourishes the hair from the roots, your hair stops falling. Instead, they become smooth and lustrous. Its properties reduce the chances of having dandruff and protect you from all types of bacteria.

Recommended Product

Re’equil Babassu Anti-Frizz and Smoothening conditioner do not lead to residue build-up on the scalp as it is silicone-free and sulphate-free. It also has anti-aging and anti-pollution properties to protect your hair from environmental damages. Moreover, babassu hair conditioner is non-comedogenic and ultra-light formulation due to which pores are not clogged and it does not cause breakouts.  

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