AHA and BHA for Skin Care

AHA and BHA for Skin Care

Our skin builds and sheds millions of cells every day. When too much dust particles get accumulated on our skin, problems like sunburns, excess oil production, dry skin and many other starts popping up. To save your skin from these issues, it becomes important for us to exfoliate regularly. It also makes you look younger, promotes blood circulation, and maintains a healthy skin.

AHA and BHA for skin care are hydroxyl acids which are found in toners, cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers, masks etc. as their purpose is to exfoliate the skin. Both of them are equally effective in removing the dead cells from the skin.



AHA- Alpha Hydroxy Acid

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acid which generally works on the top layer of the skin. It is made from natural substances like sugar cane, milk, grapes, citrus fruits etc. It removes all the dead cells and the roughness of the skin giving a smooth and shiny look. AHAs are generally used for reducing fine lines, acne scars, spots, wrinkles etc. as they are water soluble and do not penetrate deep into the skin. Their work is only on the outer skin which is the concern of maximum people. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are the most common AHAs. AHAs also have the benefit of improving the moisture content in the skin.

BHA- Beta Hydroxy Acid

BHA stands for Beta Hydroxy acid. The common or most used name for BHA is salicylic acid. This acid is best for the blemish-prone skin as it is oil soluble. Due to its property of being soluble in oil, it goes beneath the skin and removes excess sebum which clogs the pores thus, removing oiliness in the skin. Since BHA is more suitable for acne/oily skin, it is most preferred to remove blackheads and whiteheads.

AHA & BHA Together?

Using AHA and BHA together can give even better effects on the skin. It attacks stubborn skin issues like acne, clogged pores, and sunburns by cleansing the skin deeply. But, you must make sure that no matter what kind of acid you use, it affects your skin. Acids have a tendency to make your skin sensitive to the harmful rays emitted from the Sun. Therefore, you must always make sure to use SPF during the day. Applying AHA and BHA for skin care once or twice a day will not cause any harm. Use it once you have washed and toned your face.


Are you confused about what to use? Let me give you certain points depending on which you can decide whether you should use AHA or BHA for skin care. AHA is used for mild hyperpigmentation like spots, enlarged pores or uneven skin tone. BHA, on the other hand, is used in the case of treating acne and sun damage.

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Oily skin

Sharad pawara

Where its buy tat product…


So can i use Re’equil AHA cleanser as morning cleanser and also oily face cleanser ? My skin is oily ,sensitive and acne prone .

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