Anti-Aging Sunscreen Spf 50 PA+++ UVB/ UVA/ HEV/ IR Protection

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This sunscreen lotion is a complete protection from UVB/ UVA/ HEV light & IR rays and provides an excellent anti-aging effect by preventing build-up of free radicals that damage skin cells.  It is an anti-photoaging and non-comedogenic formulation. What you get is a luxurious, easy to spread, non-whitening and water resistant sunscreen lotion that keeps pigmentation, dark spots and sun burns far away from you.


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Does your sunscreen has anti-aging protection with SPF 50 PA+++?

Unprotected sun exposure is one of the main reasons for premature skin aging. The four types of harmful rays across the spectrum of sun rays are UVA, UVB, High Energy Visible (HEV) Light and Infra red rays. Though most people are aware of the potentially harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, ill effects of HEV light and Infra red rays remain ignored. 

HEV light is a high frequency light in the blue/violet band, in the visible light spectrum. The skin damage caused by high energy visible light is as harmful as the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays combined.

Similarly, infra red rays from the sun are also potentially more harmful that UVA and UVB rays. Both HEV light and infra red rays cause increase in skin temperature leading to thermal aging, pigmentation and dark spots. Daily exposure without adequate protection against these lights and rays disturb melanin and collagen balance and leads to premature age spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Re'equil Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++ Lotion  offers broad spectrum protection and is specially formulated to protect skin against the aging effects of sun rays. It has high molecular weight Melanin that protects against High Energy Visible light.  Electronic gadgets, led lights are also sources of HEV light and are most commonly ignored for the harmful effects they can have on our skin. Infra red rays from sun are also very harmful and many sun care products do not provide protection against the same. In addition to UVA and UVB protection, this sunscreen lotion contains clinically proven actives Physavie® for protection against harmful infrared rays, collagen and elastin damage and Liposhield® for protection against HEV/ blue light.


Benefits of Re’equil Anti-Aging Sunscreen SPF 50 PA+++

  1. Safe Ingredients: Being oxybenzone and OMC free, this sunscreen is extremely safe and does not penetrate deep into skin layers. 
  2. Dermatologically Tested: Like all our products, this sunscreen too is certified dermatologically tested. We follow ‘no cruelty’ policy and all our products are not tested on animals.
  3. Clinically Proven Actives: This sunscreen contains clinically proven active ingredients for sun protection. They include Physavie® which is globally acclaimed product of Chemyunioun, USA and Liposhield ® by Lipochemicals, USA.
  4. Effective and Honest Results: Every product carries forward Our Philosophy of effective and honest cosmeceuticals. We are 100% transparent in what we offer to our consumers and what our consumers can expect out of our products
  5. Bring A Smile To A Child: When you buy any Re’equil product, you help us feed a child a mid-day meal. A mid-day meal is a great encouragement for poor families to send their children to school. So, every product you buy not only builds a child’s health but also builds a nation. This becomes possible through our CSR initiative in association with Akshaya Patra.


Tips for Safe Sun Exposure to prevent premature skin aging and avoid other skin hazards:

  1. Apply Re’equil sunscreen liberally covering all exposed areas 20 minutes prior to sun exposure.  Re-apply frequently and after swimming or heavy sweating.  Contrary to general perception, sunscreen should also be applied in winters.
  2. Wear a hat or use an umbrella to cover up face, neck and ears.
  3. Wear sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard eyes and sensitive skin around it.
  4. Avoid long continuous exposure during peak hours.

Aqua, Homosalate, Octocrylene, Octyl Salicylate, Avobenzone, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, Propanediol, Glycerin, Diethylhexyl Carbonate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Methicone, Melanin, Tetrahydrocurcumin, Dimethicone, Caprylic Capric Triglyceride and Physalis angulata Extract (Physavie®), Tapioca Starch (and) Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Xanthan Gum, Disodium EDTA, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phenoxyethanol and EthylHexylglycerin, Sodium Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Microcrystalline Wax, Triethanolamine, Fragrance
  1. Apply liberally and frequently on clean face, neck or any other sun exposed areas.  
  2. Re- apply after swimming or heavy sweating.


CAUTION: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.  Though unlikely, in case of any rash or irritation on skin, discontinue use.  Store in a cool and dry place. 

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