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COSMECUETICALS for Common Hair & Skin Concerns

Cosmeceuticals are Topical Cosmetic-Pharmaceutical hybrids, that are backed by science, intended to enhance the beauty through ingredients that provide additional health-related function or benefit, hence also called Functional Cosmetics.They are applied topically as cosmetics, but contain ingredients that influence the skin's biological function. They consist of fine molecules that penetrate to the dermis, the middle layer. At this depth, formulations have an optimal impact in correcting problems and protecting skin and hair tissues. Cosmeceuticals act as a bridge between pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

At Re’equil, we are dedicated to solve common hair and skin concerns through scientifically driven products. We focus on primary functionality of products and hold product efficacy and safety at the helm of our philosophy to ensure that our customers are derive the benefits and satisfaction they are looking for.

Efficacy & Safety

Re’equil formulations contain top quality clinically proven pharmaceutical grade ingredients in the most optimum dosage to ensures appropriate redressal of various hair and skin concerns. The ingredients are sourced from global leaders of raw material suppliers to give our customers nothing but the best.

All products are dermatologically tested for safety and free from sulphates, parabens, mineral oils, phthalates. Formulations are backed by strong research and development and latest innovations in the cosmeceutical industry.

Quality ingredients need quality finished products. Re’equil products are manufactured in a WHO-GMP accredited facility.

Giving Back

At Re’equil, we humbly endeavor to give back to the society. Every product sold, helps to buy an underprivileged child a mid-day meal. We sincerely thank all our customers for being part of this noble cause.

Bring a smile, to a child!