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ELIXIR HEALTHCARE has bloomed out of the branches of Lakshmi Group, a respected and renowned name in the pharmaceutical trade since 4 decades having its association with the best pharmaceutical companies across the globe. The group has developed vast distribution infrastructure in the northern part of the country and is proudly run on the principles and legacies of its founders. With ELIXIR HEALTHCARE, the group’s third generation brings forward a vision which shall take it to newer heights with ever strengthening foundation values of humility, honesty and responsibility.


A Unique Offering

We are dedicated to providing good health and beauty as one, leading to an expression of personality and confidence to our customers. Our customers’ need and safety are our top priorities. To fulfil it, our mission is to offer the best quality personal healthcare products that meet the expectations and desires of all.

Our Customers

Keeping in mind the changing times and diversities present all around, our Research & Development team keeps pushing the bar higher to present to our customers the products they have been long looking for. Our customers are our strongest inspiration.


Ambition can be brought forward in numbers, growth or market share. But our single point ambition is and shall always be: WINNING YOUR HEART!!



A virtue that runs in the blood and culture of Lakshmi Group. Gratitude to the almighty for every single breath of our lives keeps us humble and grounded and gives us the strength to keep going on and serve not just our customers but all the society at large.


Honesty is the best policy and we live by it. Falsehood and pretence are short lived and cannot get you far. It is due this core value that we have carried on strongly for last four decades and shall strive to achieve greater heights.


Work is worship and we fulfil that responsibility not only towards ourselves but also towards our organisation, its members and most importantly towards our customers. It is little things like these, when imbed into our lives like our second nature that give us the immense power to carry on and serve our people and our world.


The Brand RE’EQUIL, offers to its customers a personal healthcare proposition like never before. At RE’EQUIL, we treat Beauty and Health as synonyms. RE’EQUIL stands for re-balance and it is the essence of our series of ‘Health Re-balancing’ products. We believe beauty is not just external and is incomplete without internal re-balancing of our system.

The first product offering is RE'EQUIL Anti Hair Loss Therapy For Men. It is a revolutionary Triple Action therapy that works on our core principles of both internal and external care. It acts on the root cause of male pattern baldness in the most safe and herbal way by providing a unique combination of traditional ayurvedic medicine and herbal cosmetics.

Likewise, our upcoming 'Health Re-balancing' products are:

  • Anti Hair Loss Therapy For Women
  • Anti Acne Therapy
  • Anti Aging Therapy
  • Teeth Whitening Therapy

RE'EQUIL shall always stand for a REBALANCED YOU!