About Us

Re’equil was founded by Vipul Gupta in 2016 with the aim of addressing hair and skin care concerns through practically priced quality beauty products. Here, he candidly shares his reason to undertake this journey.

“I was in my second year at Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University when I started experiencing premature hair loss. I was not even 20. Like anybody facing the same issue I didn’t leave any possible treatment available and years later, ended up with a hair transplant from a globally acclaimed hair transplant clinic. Hair loss, being such a sensitive issue, all the treatments were priced very high and came with their own sets of side effects. The higher was the price of any treatment, the faster was the expectation of the results. It was natural. Thus, no treatment was followed for the stipulated time period.

This pattern of hopping onto different products every now and then was disturbing and I realized that this pattern was not limited to me and was not limited to hair loss but to various hair and skin care concerns that required targeted treatments. I know how it feels to spend hard earned money for no results and no satisfaction in return. Targeted treatments of various hair and skin concerns are medium to long-term in nature. Having great hair and skin is everyone’s right. But I saw a lot of people giving up on that because they fail to find a resolution to their hair and skin concerns.

Vipul Gupta Director Reequil

Re’equil stands for re-balance and re-balancing of various hair and skin concerns form the essence of all our products. There is no better ambassador than quality. All our products are dermatologically tested and adhere to strict quality controls coupled with deep-rooted research and development process.  We bundle all this together, put in our products and sincerely pass on to our consumers. We believe the strongest way to grow is through 2 R’s –‘Repeat and Refer’ - which is only possible with happy and satisfied customers and our customers are at the core of Our Philosophy. We put all our heart and soul into developing products with a single point aim of not only to keep you happy but to win your heart!!

We are learning and evolving every day. We sincerely hope that you like our products. We are just a call away for all feedbacks and suggestions.

Take care.